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Steamboat Springs in the State of Colorado has sent more athletes to the Winter Olympics than any other place in North America.

The ski resort has another aspect of a spa town.

Mineral Springs Tour

Few people know that the world-famous ski destination, Steamboat Springs offers an experience of exploring natural springs.

Sweetwater and Lake Spring

Sweetwater and Lake Spring

In the early 1900 s, after settlers started to live in the area where had been inhabited by the Ute Tribe, many tourists gathered from over the country with the aim of mineral springs.

Today it is much less represented compared to the huge resource of tourism as a ski resort.

City of Steamboat Springs

Iron Spring was almost dried up.

The 73 degrees F water had oil film due to the lack of supply of water.

Iron Spring

Iron Spring

At Soda Spring, the water’s natural flow was completely disrupted by the construction of the highway in the late 1970s.

It was said that visitors often enjoyed lemonade made of the spring water, because it contained rich in carbonation and less sulfurous taste.

Soda Spring

Soda Spring

Sulphur Spring had bluish water intensively bubbling at 73 degrees F.

Sulphur Spring

Sulphur Spring

It looks like a fountain of a park…
Is this okay for natural preservation?

Lithia Spring at the edge of downtown had milky-white water at 72 degrees F.

Lithia Spring

Lithia Spring

Lithium is used for effective treatment for bipolar affective disorder.

When it was difficult to produce Lithium by the industry, drinking springs water containing a high content of lithium had been the approach to treatment.

Black Sulphur Spring

Black Sulphur Spring

Black Sulphur Spring was gushing at 70 degrees F right next to the rail track.

Steamboat Spring

Steamboat Spring

Steamboat Spring was intensively gushing at 79 degrees F, which was slightly warmer.

In the late 1800s, this spring was said to be a geyser expelling water reaching five to fourteen feet high.

The chugging sound of the gushing reminded a steamboat, so that the town got its name.

Terrace Spring

Terrace Spring

In 1909 the blasting for railroad weakened the activity of the geyser.

What the hell!

Sulphur Cave

Sulphur Cave

Sulphur Cave is located on a hillside.

The cold water gushing at 61 degrees F created the cave, which was 20 to 30 feet below the surface.

Heart Springs

All mineral springs we have seen so far were not for soaking.

Only one exception is in Old Town Hot Springs.

Rabbit Ears MOTEL

The facility is located along the highway on the opposite side of Rabbit Ears Motel.

Guests of the motel can purchase a discount ticket of Old Town Hot Springs.


The building looks new and urbanized.

Changing Room

The bathing areas are all outside.

There is a large swimming pool right after getting out of changing room.

Pools 1

It is difficult to realize that they are using mineral springs water here.

Pools 3

Going under the water slides, there is a large pool with two arch bridges.

Pools 2

The water looks yellowish, which proves mineral contained materials.

Pools 5

Three small pools are surrounding the large one.

Pools 6

Sadly, most of them are chlorinated.

Pools 4

The only exception is the Heart Spring.

Heart Spring 4

The historic heart-shaped pool is fed by 102 degrees F water.

Heart Spring 1

Heart Spring

From the bottom great amount of fresh water gushes with natural bubbling.

Heart Spring 3

I got surprised to see that the authentic natural hot springs pool was just next to heavily chlorinated leisure pools.

Heart Spring 2

I wished I could enjoy the water in more natural atmosphere.


Old Town Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Heart Spring: not detected / Others: no
  • Water Temp
    Up to 102 degrees F

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