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Steamboat Springs, Colorado is the town that has produced the largest number of Winter Olympic athletes in the United States.

I took a closer look at the hidden side of this ski resort town as a hot spring resort.

Mineral springs tour

Steamboat Springs, a famous winter sports resort, offers a must-see for hot spring enthusiasts: the Mineral Springs Tour.

Street 01

In the early 1900 s, after settlers started to live in the area where had been inhabited by the Ute Tribe, many tourists gathered from over the country with the aim of mineral springs.

Sweetwater and Lake Spring
Sweetwater and Lake Spring

Today it is much less represented compared to the huge resource of tourism as a ski resort.

City of Steamboat Springs

Iron Spring was almost dried up.

The 73 degrees F water had oil film due to the lack of supply of water.

Iron Spring
Iron Spring

At Soda Spring, the water’s natural flow was completely disrupted by the construction of the highway in the late 1970s.

It was said that visitors often enjoyed lemonade made of the spring water, because it contained rich in carbonation and less sulfurous taste.

Soda Spring
Soda Spring

Sulphur Spring had bluish water intensively bubbling at 73 degrees F.

Sulphur Spring
Sulphur Spring
It looks like a fountain of a park…
Is this okay for natural preservation?

Lithia Spring at the edge of downtown had milky-white water at 72 degrees F.

Lithia Spring
Lithia Spring

Lithium is used for effective treatment for bipolar affective disorder.

When it was difficult to produce Lithium by the industry, drinking springs water containing a high content of lithium had been the approach to treatment.

Black Sulphur Spring
Black Sulphur Spring

At Black Sulphur Spring, a white mineral spring spouted out of its own water, just past the track of a freight train.

The water temp was 70 degrees F.

Steamboat Spring
Steamboat Spring

At Steamboat Spring, the warm, blue-black water was bubbling at 79 degrees Celsius.

In the late 1800s, the geyser spouted up to thirteen feet high and made a rumbling sound like a steamboat, which is said to be the origin of the town's name.

Terrace Spring
Terrace Spring

Later, the geyser's activity weakened due to the construction of the railroad in 1909.

What a mess!

Sulphur Cave
Sulphur Cave

Sulphur Cave was located on a hill overlooking the town.

The cave was almost vertical due to the activity of the mineral spring that springs at 61 degrees F.

Heart Springs

None of the mineral springs I have toured so far are for soaking, and the water temps are too low.

Aside from Strawberry Park Hot Springs in the suburbs, the only other spring available for soaking is located in Old Town Hot Springs.

ReferenceStrawberry Park Hot Springs (Steamboat Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado

Large outdoor pools surrounded by rocks are fed by free-flowing thermal water. Clothing is optional after dark. Be careful of ice and snow I drove up the mountain from Steamboat Springs, a famous ski resort known. After a 20-minute drive, ...

Rabbit Ears MOTEL

Across the street is the Rabbit Ears Motel.

Guests of the motel can purchase discounted tickets to the Old Town.


The facility had an urban feel, like a modern spa.

The changing rooms were very clean.

Changing Room

All the spa areas were located outdoors.

Just outside the changing rooms was the swimming pool.

Pools 1

There was no feeling of using the thermal water.

Pools 3

There was a large pool with two arch bridges over it, just past the water slide.

Pools 2

The water had a yellowish tinge, suggesting that the mineral water was being used.

Pools 5

Surrounding it, there were three hot pools.

Pools 6

Unfortunately, with one exception, they were badly chlorinated.

Pools 4

The exception to this was Heart Spring, which was located at the far end.

Heart Spring 4

A long, narrow, heart-shaped pool was filled with clear, 102 degrees F water.

It seemed to have been in this shape ever since the early 1900s.

Heart Spring 1
Heart Spring

Hot water overflowed from the edge of the pool, and the amount of water gushing out was sufficient.

The spring water was with bubbles from everywhere on the bottom.

Heart Spring 3

I didn't think it was possible to have a free-flowing hot spring here.

Heart Spring in 1931
Old Town Hot Springs

I had no idea that such a famous hot spring was lying in the corner of a pool where chlorine-soaked children frolic.

Heart Spring 2

It would be great if we could enjoy the wonderful water of Steamboat in a more natural atmosphere.


Old Town Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No (Heart Springs), Yes (other)

Water temp: Up to 102 degrees F

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