Hot Springer Ken

A hot springs enthusiast sent from Japan to Texas as an expatriate.

La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa - Hot Springs in New Mexico

Not even plumbing is needed to drain the thermal water that naturally gushes from the bottom of the pools A hole in the wall does the job.

Kosk (Kosh Creek) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in California

Beautiful rocky pool along a beautiful mountain stream. Located on private property in Big Bend, CA.

Chinati Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Texas

This hot spring had been privately owned by Donald Judd, a leading minimalist artist. Here, you can stay in cabins with hot spring water.

Radium Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Colorado

Probably the closest wild hot springs to Denver. It is located along the river with no man-made structures in sight except for a freight train.

Charles Motel & Hot Springs (Truth or Consequences) - Hot Springs in New Mexico

The bathhouse had a row of private baths for one person. And yet, it was separated between men and women.

Inlet Park (Saratoga) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Utah

The hot springs had such a pristine atmosphere that it was hard to believe that it was located right next to a residential area. This was made possible by the fact that it is strictly controlled by the city.

Gold Strike (Nevada) Hot Springs (Lake Mead National Recreation Area) - Hot Springs in Nevada

The closest hot springs to Las Vegas. However, it is not a place that can be casually visited, so you need to be prepared for that.

Haven Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho

This is a gas station with hot springs. When I stayed at the motel, I had a private outdoor tub with the room.

Gila Hot Springs Campground - Hot Springs in New Mexico

This is a hot spring campground that becomes clothing optional after dark. It is located in a mountainous area and gets cold at night, so be sure to take all possible measures to protect yourself from the cold.

Hunt Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in California

Hot springs on private property near Mount Shasta. The stone-made tubs had been destroyed, but the signature water was still there.