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The Original Springs Hotel (Okawville) - Illinois


Some old hot springs inns in the U.S. are said to be haunted.

I do not believe it, but there is the rumor.

Haunted or not

Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S.

The metropolis is in the State of Illinois, where has few mineral springs to soak.

Exterior 2

The only is exception is the Original Springs Hotel, which offers heated springs water.

It is located in the southern Illinois, rather close to Saint Louis in the State of Missouri.

Restaurant 1

The hotel started their business in 1867.

The historic building is well-maintained.

Restaurant 2

The restaurant in the basement floor was really quiet.

Well, I learned that some people said that haunted.


From my point of view, some hot springs inn in the U.S. are almost inevitably said to be haunted.

The culture of soaking in hot springs reached the heights of prosperity in the late 19th century to the early 20th century.


Most historic hot springs hotels were born in this era, and has closed the business in association with the progress of medical development and diversifying leisure.

Playing Room

The survived hotels tend to look out of the steps of the times; some people express the unique atmosphere as haunted.


For the honor of The Original Springs Hotel, I would say that I really enjoyed the stay without mystery.

The room had a microwave and refrigerator, which made my stay rather comfortable.

Elegant indoor pool

Indoor Pool 1

At the center of the building, there is an indoor pool under the two-story ceiling.

It was fed by tap water with chlorine, heated to 84 degrees F.

Usually I do not get interested in such amenity.

Indoor Pool 4

However, I started to be fascinated by the elegant looking of the historic pool.

Indoor Pool 2

I wandered outside for finding the springs well.

Emergency Only

Perhaps this structure under the gazebo was the one that I was searching for.

Exterior 1

It is said the mineral water gushes at approximately 50 degrees F.


Historic private baths

A spa is next to the indoor pool.

Not only massaging, but just soaking is also available.


Even the hotel guests have to pay additionally.

A phone reservation would be recommended.

Locker Room

I changed my clothes to the robe in this small locker room.


All bathrooms looked similar, except for slight differences of jacuzzi tub.

Not so historic, right?
I expected something quaint, actually.
Private Bath 2

The spa has no windows, which makes the entire space dark.

Towels and drinking water were included in the fee.

Private Bath 1

The mineral water is heated by gas, and provided to the tub at 111 degrees F.

44.2 Degrees C

The water had no characteristic smell or taste.

I met a kind of “ghost”, who merely survived and proved the prosperity of hot springs culture in the old days.

Private Bath 3


The Original Springs Hotel, Okawville, Illinois, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Private pool. Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected (private pool), Yes (other)

Water temp: Artificially heated water

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