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Glenwood Springs, Colorado, famous for its several spa facilities, also has wild hot springs.

It was a muddy hot spring, hardly comfortable.

Large hot pool

A 10-minute drive from Iron Mountain Hot Springs, a walk-in spa facility known for its quality water.

ReferenceIron Mountain Hot Springs (Glenwood Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado

If you are looking for an authentic hot spring soak in Glenwood Springs, this is the place to go. It is a walk-in spa facility that is still new. Miraculous redevelopment The facility is located in a somewhat desolate area ...

The hot spring is located outside the city center, a short distance into the valley from the Colorado River.

Trail 01

Although surrounded by nature, the frequent traffic of large trucks due to the nearby waste disposal plant was somewhat disconcerting.

I found a place where the shoulder of the road was wide enough to park about 10 cars.

Trail 02

It was a fairly short hike from there, about 0.2 mile round trip.

There was one stream on the way, but I was able to cross it without difficulty because of the wooden bridge.

Trail 03

Once you reach the surrounding open hills, you arrive.

The road at the starting point was slightly visible.

Mountains 01

It can be said that it is a very accessible category of undeveloped hot springs.

It consisted of two pools.

Larger Pool 01

This large pool here was about 109 degrees F.

Hot water seemed to be gushing from the foot, but the high-temperature water of 118 degrees F was pouring from the slope side too.

Muddy Water 02

The surrounding area was fortified with rocks and a wooden platform was set up, but apart from that it was extremely primitive.

Soft mud was deposited at the bottom of the pool, and a large amount of mud is constantly floating in the water.

Larger Pool 02

I did not feel so good, partly because there was a biohazard warning board nearby indicating contamination by E. coli bacteria.

I don't want to soak in E. coli./st-kaiwa1]

A wild soak is always at your own risk.
Muddy Water 01

The hot water gave off a slight sulfuric and earthy odor.

Lukewarm small pool

Right next to it was a small circular pool.

This one was even muddier, and the water was lukewarm, about 100 degrees F.

Smaller Pool 02

Clothing is optional, so you may run into naked hippies.

Because of its easy accessibility, it is crowded with many soakers during the day.

Smaller Pool 01

It would be wise to take a look first thing in the morning, and if it is still crowded, use nearby clean spa facilities.


South Canyon Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 118 degrees F

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