Dyke Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Nevada

Hot water gushes out of the ground and seeps into the earth after a while.

During that short cycle there were wildlife colonies and tubs for soaking.


There is information that the tubs have been removed. Please consider visiting based on the latest local information.

Where Solitude is Promised

Few people visit Dike Hot Springs because of its extremely remote location.

It would be no exaggeration to say that solitude is promised.


From Denio, Nevada's northwesternmost settlement, head south on State Route 140.


Take a dirt road that branches off along the Pine Forest Range, about a 40-minute drive from Denio Junction.

In dry season, it can be reached by a regular passenger car.

Sources 01

There was the source surrounded by barbed wire along the road.

Reinforced with wooden structures.

Water Temp 01

The water temp was 136 degrees F.

A considerable amount had spilled out.

Rotary 01

A faint burnt smell could be detected in the geothermal area.

Rotary 02

A side road ran parallel to the flow of the water and ended in a roundabout-shaped parking lot.

Water Truck Fill Point 01

There was a facility at the end that appeared to be for supplying water to trucks.

Hot Stream 01

Overnight camping here is not prohibited, but should be done away from the hot springs.

Sources 03

Along the algae-colored stream channel, I found the smallish source.

I don't see any algae growing where it's really hot.
Too beautiful.
Water Temp 02

Hot water of 158 degrees F gushed out of itself, sometimes accompanied by bubbles.

Fire Pit 01

The parking lot was on a plateau, and below me was a marshy area fed by hot springs.

Wildlife Colonies

Tubs 04

Just on the border of the plateau and the marsh, there were four ready-made tubs.

Tubs 03

Although located on the northeastern edge of the Black Rock Desert, the area around the tubs was colonized by plants and wildlife.

Tubs 02

A miracle during the short cycle of gushing hot water before they seep back into the ground.

Tubs 01

Hot water was drawn into the tub using the difference in elevation

It recorded 131 degrees F, which was very difficult to soaking as it is.

Water Temp 03

There was no water other than the thermal water, and I waited patiently for more than 30 minutes for it to cool to the proper temperature.

Soaking 01

The smell around the sources was not perceptible here, only the smell of overgrown greenery.

Pipe 01

Following the distribution pipes, many different sources were hidden deep in the grass.

Sources 02


Dyke Hot Springs, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 158 degrees F

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