Rico Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in Colorado


Rico in the State of Colorado was settled as a silver mining center.

Some natural Jacuzzis are in the suburbs of the town.


We have been informed that the property is privately owned and therefore unavailable. Still, it appears that staying at Rico Mine Shaft Inn gives you the right to soak legally, so please explore this possibility at your own risk.

Rico #1 thermal spring

Rico flourished in the late nineteenth centuries; over 5,000 people were living in this area.

Passing by the rundown downtown, after crossing the bridge on the Dolores River, I found one of the hot springs.


On the large tufa mound in the riverside, there were two tubs.

Clothing is optional here; however remember that anyone can see you from the road.

Steep Slope 1

Going down the steep slope, let's go the riverbed.

Steep Slope 2

It is very slippery, so sliding down can be safer.

Rico #1 Thermal Spring 5
It's bubbling up.

Hot water is extensively gushing in the rock walled pool coated with mineral deposits.

Rico #1 Thermal Spring 6

The water outlet was beside the bump of tufa.

Rico #1 Thermal Spring 3

It looked like boiling, but actually was around 108 degrees, amazingly comfortable temperature for soaking.

Lower Pool 2

Overflowed water creates a slight channel on the mound.

Lower Pool 1

Another tub is closer to the river; around 100 degrees F.

Lower Pool 3

Only the water input is from the upper tub.


Finally the hot water flows in the river here.

Rico #1 Thermal Spring 2

When talking about the freshness of the water, the upper tab is surely the best.

This is truly a miraculous natural Jacuzzi in Colorado.

Rico #1 Thermal Spring 1

I appreciate the nature's bounty, and locals who maintain this place in a good condition.

Rico #2 thermal spring

In fact there are other two sources in the opposite side of the Dolores River.


No.2 is behind the pond.

A rustic changing room is on the way.

Changing Room

This hot spring accompanies with emission of natural gas too.

Rico #2 Thermal Spring Source 1

Water temp is the same, around 108 degrees F.

Rico #2 Thermal Spring Source 2

The pool is so small that it may not be for soaking.

Overflowed water flows thought a PVC pipe.

Rico #2 Thermal Spring 1

The tub is at the excellent location right next to the river.

Rico #2 Thermal Spring 2

The water temp was warm around 102 degrees F, suitable for lazy soaking.

Rico #2 Thermal Spring 3

Rico #3 thermal spring

No.3 is on the way from No.2 to an abandoned mine.

I noticed a pipe roaring beside the road.

Rico Drill Hole Group

It was the sound of pressured natural gas.

Rico #3 Thermal Spring 3

This hot spring is the largest and worth seeing.

It is now beyond a Jacuzzi, rather a natural washing machine.

Rico #3 Thermal Spring 1

My appreciation to the great outdoor changed to the awe to the working of nature.

Rico #3 Thermal Spring 2


Rico Hot Springs, Rico, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 108 degrees F

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