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The Roman Bath House (Berkeley Springs) - West Virginia


A mineral spring loved by the first president of the United States.

The George Washington Bath Tub is a must-see.

Berkeley Springs State Park

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia's only spa town, is less than a two-hour drive from Washington, D.C.

Berkeley Springs State Park 3

Small state park located in the middle of the small town.


Beyond the first channel, I found a family pool.

Swimming Pool 02

The second channel ran along the park's edge facing the hill, with sources concentrated between the hillside and the ditch.

Ditch 01

The Original Lord Fairfax Spring was one of the most active springs.

Old Roman Bathhouse 1

The pools were separated by concrete and exposed bedrock.

Old Roman Bathhouse 2

The water was clear and 75 degrees F.

The Original Lord Fairfax Spring Bath 2

In 1748, George Washington, a 16-year-old young man, visited this area in the service of Lord Fairfax.

Records show that even after his fame as the first president, he often revisited here.

The Original Lord Fairfax Spring Bath 1

Did he remember how he felt when he started and stayed motivated?

At the far end of the other pool, the Old Roman Bathhouse, built in 1815, was still in existence.

Old Roman Bathhouse 3

It was under renovation at the time of my visit, but I was explained that it would reopen for business when the pandemic was over.

Next to the old bathhouse were drinking fountains.

Fountain 01

The first presidential bathtub in the United States, a superpower.

George Washington Bath Tub
This is the George Washington Bath Tub.

Unfortunately, this is a replica not based on historical facts, but it was interesting and a must-see.

Ladies' Spring

Main Bathhouse

If the old bathhouse is at the north end of the park, the new bathhouse is at the south end.

The Main Bathhouse, although "new," was founded in 1929.

Main Bathhouse 01

I waited my turn in the waiting room, which had a lovely atmosphere.

There were five soaking rooms, all of which were reserved for private use.

Reception Desk 01

I was taken to a changing room separated by a curtain and changed into a bathrobe.

Changing Room

All guests will use one changing room at different times.

Spa 2

Those who ordered spa menus other than soaking would receive their treatments in this large room.

Spa Room 01

I was shown to a long and narrow private room.

The pool was already fed with warm water, and plenty of towels and drinking water were provided.

Private Bath 3

The water temp was low, so it was heated with steam and kept at 102 degrees F.

Private Bath 1

Small, quiet, and relaxing space.

Twisting the lever, the cold spring water was poured in with a rumbling sound.

Private Bath 2



The Roman Bath House, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Artificially heated water

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