Ten Mile Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho

All of Idaho's natural hot springs are too catchy and comfortable!

For those who think so, I recommend this discreet and sometimes unpleasant one.

Downstream source is not suitable for soaking

The straight line stretching east to west from Stanley, Idaho, through Lowman to Banks is a hot springs road that seems to encapsulate the charm of America's wild hot springs.

A wide variety of inspiring and pleasant wild hot springs are on offer.

Ten Mile Creek Road 01

In this context, the sobriety and wildness of Ten Mile Hot Springs is, in a sense, a realistic wild experience.

Between the famous Bonneville Hot Springs and Kirkham Hot Springs.

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Ten Mile Creek Road 02

From State Route 21, take Ten Mile Creek Road and travel south along a tributary of the South Fork Payette River.

Trail 01

I pulled over where the dirt road breaks off, and from here it was a 0.6-mile hike.

Ten Mile Creek 02

A sudden crossing of the river.

Ten Mile Creek was a narrow creek, and I could cross it on foot without difficulty unless the water was rising.

Trail 02

Have you heard of the Proust effect?

A phenomenon in which a particular odor evokes memories and emotions associated with it.

Lower Pool 02

In my case, the scent of pine evokes the excitement of my days when I would devote my whole being to touring the hot springs of North America.

There were countless pine cones lying along the way.

Lower Pool 01

As far as I could ascertain, there were two main sources.

The downstream source was located in a wetland a short distance from the stream and discharged parallel to the river.

Ten Mile Creek 01

There used to be a kind of rock pool, but it was buried in mud and too shallow for soaking.

Water Temp 01

I went back a little the way I came and checked the point where the hot water pours into the river.

The water temp was 102 degrees F; lukewarm.

Wildness of upstream source

Fire Pit 01

Slightly upstream from there, I found a fire pit.

Source 02

The other source was located under a natural levee with the fire pit.

There's more gushing this way.
You can count on it.
Source 01

It was 122 degrees F hot water.

Water Temp 02

The water was clear, colorless, tasteless, and odorless, and the reddish-brown algae really showed where the hot water was located.

Upper Pool 03

The water was too hot for soaking as it was, but someone had skillfully set up a rock pool to mix with the river water.

Upper Pool 02

Frightened by the attack of the horsefly, I hastily devised the water flow and submerged myself in the not-so-comfortable hot water.

That was the best part of the wild hot springs.

Upper Pool 01


10 Mile Hot Springs, Boise National Forest, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 122 degrees F

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