Radium Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Colorado


Probably the closest wild hot springs to Denver.

It is located along the river with no man-made structures in sight except for a freight train.


Just as you had the right to know, others have the right to know too, even if you don't want them to. When visiting this important place, please bring your own trash bag and take home twice as much trash as you bring in.

Jump at your own risk

It is only a little over two hours drive from Denver.

Take Interstate 70 west to the Silverthorne exit and head north toward Kremmling.

Mugrage Campground 01

Turn left on Trough Rd just before the Colorado River, and when you get to Grand County Rd 11, turn a sharp right to reach the Mugrage campground.

The campground is primitive, with little more than pit toilets, but it is free.

Trail 02

It is a 1.4 mile round trip hike to the hot springs from this base.

There are other ways to get there, such as by kayak, but this is the most straightforward.

Trail 01

Once up the slippery slope, the rest of the trail was flat and easy except for the end.

The Colorado River gradually came into view on the left.

Colorado River 01

I saw a long train whistling and undulating like a snake.

Because of its low location along the Colorado River, Radium Hot Springs can be completely submerged depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Cliff 02

It is probably best to avoid visiting in the spring, when the river is full of water due to melting snow.

As I walked along, keeping an eye on the direction of the river, I spotted a sign attached to a rock that juts out into the river.

It looked like a diving spot.

Cliff 03

I liked that it wasn't "no jumping in" but "jump at your own risk."

If it is banned, people will want to do it.
That makes it more effective.

At the bottom of the valley

This sign marked the path to the hot springs.

Cliff 01

To the left of the rock was a steep ravine, and when I peeked in I could see people soaking.

It is in the path of commercial rafting tours and is usually crowded with people on weekends.

Soaking 02

The pool itself was small, about 15 feet in diameter, with a trickle of 97 degrees F water gushing out from between the rocks.

The overall water temp of the pool was about 86 degrees F, making it for the hot season.

Going down 01

Volunteers discovered the place, which had originally been left to fall into disrepair and reclaimed by the BLM, and in the 1980s; and the rocks were broken up, and the pool took their current appearance.

It might have become a little too famous now because of its location in the suburbs of the city.

Soaking 01

Still, nothing should have changed about the natural view from the pool.


Radium Hot Springs, Kremmling, Colorado, U.S.


  • Type
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water temp
    Up to 97 degrees F

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