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If you are planning a day trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, this is one of the great places to soak in the Victorian atmosphere.

It is a cozy facility built in the tranquil downtown.

Indoor bath with historic atmosphere

The small downtown of small town is located on the north side of the San Juan River, where several hot springs (Hippy Dip Hot Spring) spout out in the riverside.

Reference:Hippy Dip Hot Spring (Pagosa Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado

So you've made it to Pagosa Springs, but don't have the money to stay at a hot springs hotel? Don't worry! There is the Hippie Dip Hot Spring where even penniless hippies can soak. Ignorance is bliss My regular lodging ...

It has a peaceful atmosphere with old-fashioned stores.


The exterior of Overlook Hot Springs looks like just a boutique.


This historic building was built in the 1920s.


Walk-in soak ($24.00 for an adult; as of this writing) and series of massage are available.

Corridor 3

After passing through the reception, I got suddenly thrown into the indoor bath.

The basic rule is clothing required.

Bath House 1

To the right as I entered, there were three pools behind a long curtain hanging from the ceiling.

Bath House 3

Two of them were fed by milky-white sulfur spring typical of Pagosa.

Bath House 2

Even shadows on the walls were Victorian.

Bath House 4

There was another tub on the left, in a secluded area.

Tubs in the backyard

Corridor 2

I passed through the long building, with changing rooms and massage rooms along the way.

Backyard 3

Then I arrived at the long and narrow backyard.

It was located in a built-up area, but the beautiful plantings made it feel less cramped.

Backyard 2

The backyard was spectacular with a number of ready-made tubs.

Backyard 5

If you pursue the freshness of water, these single-person tubs may be the best.

Water was not cloudy because it had not been exposed to air for long.

Backyard 4

It felt strong smell of Sulphur, and did not feel chlorination.

Rooftop outdoor baths

Climbing up stairs from the indoor bath, I reached the rooftop.

You can pay $250.00 for a private use, but usually anyone can use here without paying that much money.

In the partitioned space, there was a circular hot tub.

Circle Tab 2

I liked the vertical lines of decorative glass.

Circle Tab 1

There were two rectangular pools on the rooftop.

Rooftop 4

Across the main street, it had a spectacular view of the San Juan River and beyond.

Rooftop 2

From the cozy entrance of the building, it was hard to imagine the magnificent view.

It's sticking out right next to the outer wall.
Just awesome location.
Rooftop 3

Among many fantastic spots in Pagosa, Overlook gave me a lasting impression with its uniqueness.

Rooftop 1


Overlook Hot Springs, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required, Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 106 degrees F

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