Warm Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in Nevada


West end of the Extraterrestrial Highway.

There were strange and beautiful hot springs that did not seem to belong to the earth.


We have been informed that the property is privately owned and therefore unavailable. Please consider visiting based on the latest local information.

Pool that fills up on its own

Nevada State Route 375, which passes near Area 51 and is the site of many UFO sightings, has been officially named an Extraterrestrial Highway by the state.

Extraterrestrial Highway

Gord Webster - Extraterrestrial Highway (2003)
CC BY-SA 2.0

The point where Nevada State Route 375 and Route 6 intersect in a T-shape.

Gate 01

Only ruins remain there, but there used to be a settlement.

The first white settlers arrived in the area in 1866.

Exterior 01

It was used as a stagecoach stopover point, and the pool that utilized the thermal that gushed out naturally had been a popular destination for travelers.

However, as road conditions improved, the number of people stopping by declined, and around 1980 this area became a complete ghost town.

Stream 01

The geothermal water still flowed down a channel from the rocky hill behind.

Around the waterway, mineral deposits precipitated so thickly that it looked as if there was snow on the ground.

Stream 02

The water, which was about 140 degrees F at the gushing point, was naturally cooled during its passage through the channel to about 104 degrees F.

Stream 02

It was pouring into the pool on its own, just from the natural elevation.

Extraterrestrial soaking experience

Poolside 01

The ruins of the pool, surrounded by wire mesh, were unlocked and free to enter and exit, although there were several signs suggesting that it was private property.

Complexly your own responsibility.
Note that it's visible from the highway.
Pool 02

The inside was not ransacked, and a drum was used as a trash can.

Pool 01

Steps were provided in the pool, which were dilapidated but still usable.

Changing Room

The wooden shed by the pool was a changing room.

I did not know if they were separate for men and women, but I was able to use them as if they were an active facility.

Stream 03

When I fearfully plunged myself into the water, I was surprised at the sensation when my feet touched the bottom.

Fluffy as if walking on cotton.

Poolside 03

It turned out that the fluffy deposits at the bottom apparently contributed to its beautiful turquoise appearance.

Contrary to the characteristic color, no particular odor was detected.

Poolside 02

As I approached the drain, the pool was so deep that even adults could not get their feet to the bottom.

Changing Room 03

I finally felt as if I had been thrown off the planet.

Soaking 01


Warm Springs Natural Hot Springs Pool, Warm Springs, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing recommended

Chemical use: No

Water temp: up to 140 degrees F

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