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If you are looking for an authentic hot spring soak in Glenwood Springs, this is the place to go.

It is a walk-in spa facility that is still new.

Miraculous redevelopment

The facility is located in a somewhat desolate area along the interstate highway, west of the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool area.

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Overview 01

Although it looks new, having just opened in 2015, it actually has a long history.

The first bathhouse was built by settlers in 1897 at a natural hot spring used by the Native American Ute tribe.

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The spa, named West Glenwood Health Spa, changed owners several times and underwent improvements before ending its mission in 1996.

Exterior 01

When all the buildings were demolished and about to be forgotten, a miracle occurred.

Steve and Jeanne Beckley, who had taken control of the nearby Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, began redeveloping this property.

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Finally, a large walk-in spa facility opened in 2015.

Admission fees have increased over the years and range from $36.00 to $48.00 per adult (as of this writing).

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Hours of use are limited to three hours, and reservations can be made online.

Use of lockers is included in the admission fee.

History 01

The pools are all outdoors and clothign is required.

Family Pool 01

The family pool at the west end of the building did not use natural thermal water.

Mineral pools for adults to relax and the family pool for children to play were separated.

Jetted Spa

Next to the family pool was a Jacuzzi for parents to monitor their children while soaking.

Well thought out.

The Sopris Café 01

Food and alcohol are not allowed, but snacks and beer are available for purchase at the on-site café.

The Sopris Café 02

Water quality and spectacular views

The mineral pools were located in a terraced area with a great view.

Exterior 02

The 16 pools of various sizes had slightly different temperature settings, ranging from 97to 108 degrees F.

Mineral Pool 01

The difference seems to be made according to the amount of input of the thermal water.

Hanging down by the pools are sunshades, welcome equipment during the sunny days.

Amber 01

The water quality was so authentic that eraser-like mineral deposits drift into the pool.

The rule that water is not good in a clean place does not apply.
Mother Lode 02

I could smell the sulfur smell, but it was not as strong as I had expected.

Was it because it was sterilized by ozone, although there was no chlorine disinfection?

Sapphire 01

The sensation of soaking was heavy due to the high salt content.

Colorado River 01

The view over the Colorado River from the pools was spectacular.

Topaz 02

Because of the large number of pools, few people tried to come in if there were guests, so I was happy to relax in what was practically a private pool.

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Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected (sterilization by UV and ozone)

Water temp: Up to 108 degrees F

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