Healing Waters Resort & Spa (Pagosa Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado


If you are planning a hot spring tour in the State of Colorado, don't miss it!

This inn offers the world-famous thermal water at a reasonable price.

Low-key hideaway

Pagosa Springs, Colorado is a tourist destination with rich, white sulfur springs.

Many first-time visitors to the town for hot springs may visit The Springs Resort & Spa.

Reference:The Springs Resort & Spa (Pagosa Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado

Of all the hot springs in Colorado, Pagosa Springs stands out from the rest. The water quality is out of this world. The world's deepest hot spring Pagosa is derived from "pah gosah," a Native American Ute word meaning water ...

Information Board 1

As it is named, the great hotel and walk-in pools are like a synonymous for Pagosa Springs.

Few people notice that there is a hideaway, named Healing Waters Resort & Spa right across the street.


The inn opened in the 1950s.

Its reasonable price is attractive; Healing Waters costs roughly only one thirds of The Springs.


I always choose Mini Suite for lodging.


The guest room is the second cheapest one, with a kitchenette.

Guest Room 2

My budget travel has to have a microwave and refrigerator.

Guest Room 1

I saw several roasters in the backyaRoad


Great water in gender-separated baths

Both overnight guests and walk-in guests have to go through the office for the use of pools.

Office 2

The pool hour is from 8am to 10pm.

Office 1

Gender is separated before entering the bath house.

More precisely, the entrance of men's bath is in the fenced outdoor pool area.

Bath House 1

This outdoor pool is fed by mineral water, too.

90 degrees F in summer seasons; 96 degrees F in winter seasons.

Outdoor Pool 1

It was bubbling from the bottom center of the pool.

Bubbling 2

Clothing is required in this area.

The same rule is applied to the hot tub behind the building.

The hot tub is at the higher position.

The water temp was 106 degrees F.

Outdoor Tub 1

Due to the small size, it was utilized as if it were for the private use.

Outdoor Tub 2

Now it is time to get into the historic bath house.

Children under 18 are not allowed.

Information Board 2

This is because clothing is optional inside, although the gender is separated.

Changing Room 2

Please take a shower before entering the bathroom.

Changing Room 1

Opening the door of men's bath, I was astonished by the color of turquoise water.

The mural was also impressive.

Men's Bathroom

The depth was up to the shoulder.


It was extremely hot; 111 degrees F in most places and 115 degrees F at water outlet.


A guest was claiming that the indoor pool was too hot, but the staff looked like nothing happened.

Very nice attitude for respecting the natural resources.
Are you sure?

Something was roaring like breathing in the entire room.

Steam Bath

It was from the natural steam bath.

I really enjoyed the unique volcanic smell.

Women's Bathroom

Lastly let's check the women's bath.

It was bilaterally symmetric.

I got totally fascinated by the family-owned hideaway with the hottest water.


Healing Waters Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Gender-separated, Clothing optional

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 115 degrees F

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