Geyser Warm Spring - Colorado

The only geyser in Colorado.

Soaking was prohibited, but the turquoise pond left a vivid impression.

Dunton Hot Springs

Danton Hot Springs in Colorado is a spa resort targeting the affluent.

Dunton Hoy Springs 01

A mining town that had become a ghost town was developed into a resort just like it was.

A cabin that cost $15 per night in 1987 is the lowest priced at $1,165 as of the time of writing in 2024.

Dunton Hoy Springs 02
Dunton Hot Springs

The brown waters of Dunton are beyond the reach of most people except the wealthy.

Raging Pond

Parking Lot 01

The trailhead to Geyser Warm Springs is a four-minute drive southwest of Dunton Hot Springs.

Trailhead 02

The trail is maintained by the San Juan National Forest and is free of charge.

Start across a beautiful pedestrian bridge.

Trailhead 01

It is the only geyser in the state that can be seen, but it did not seem to be a popular trail.

Is it because it is too secluded?

Parking Lot 02

From the parking lot to the geyser is 1.3miles one way.

Trail 02

The 500-foot elevation gain was moderate exercise.

Mountain Stream 02

There was one point where I had to walk across a stream, but thanks to fallen trees, I didn't get wet.

Gushing 01

Along the way, there was a place where spring water was gushing out, and the smell of sulfur filled my nose.

Trail 01

Do not go off trail as the area is dotted with abandoned mines in the forest.

Warning 02

Arrive at the destination, Geyser Warm Spring.

Its turquoise-blue glow is impossible to miss.

Pool 01

The surrounding ground was discolored yellow, and the surface of the water was covered with a white film.


There was a sign warning people not to soak.

If you go in there, you'll die.
I'll go in even if I'm dead.
Pool 02

Gases containing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide erupt every 30 minutes and the pond bubbles violently for about 10 minutes.

Bubbling 01

Soaking is prohibited due to the risk of oxygen deficiency.

Water Temp 01

The water temperature is 75 degrees, so this may not be a spot where you would want to soak unless you are an enthusiast.

The raging pond, which looked as if a Jacuzzi had been activated, was a joy to behold.

Mountain Stream 01

Geyser Warm Spring, San Juan National Forest, Colorado, U.S.

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Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Soaking is prohibited

Chemical use: No

Water temp: 75 degrees F

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