Piedra River (Sheep Creek) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Colorado


If you stay in Pagosa Springs, why don't you go for an undeveloped hot spring?

Only a half day is enough for the entire trip.

Go down to the bottom of the canyon

It is about an hour-drive from Pagosa Springs, famous for the Springs Resort & Spa.

Reference:The Springs Resort & Spa (Pagosa Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado

Of all the hot springs in Colorado, Pagosa Springs stands out from the rest. The water quality is out of this world. The world's deepest hot spring Pagosa is derived from "pah gosah," a Native American Ute word meaning water ...

Turn right at the Piedra crossing and drive on the dirt road.


Sheep Creek Trailhead is in the middle of the mountains.

Let's get started for a hike.

Information Board

The trail is well-maintained and tracible, surrounded by woods of San Juan National Forest.

Trail 1

It starts with gradual down hill, and becomes steep in the middle.


The last half is mostly flat along with the Sheep Creek.

Only the complicated point is here.

Trail 2

The right path is the uphill in the right side.


Some people were camping on the gentle hill.

I found the hot springs very close to there.

Seeping scalding hot water

From the Bank

There were over ten rock walled pools on the riverside.

Flooding can easily change the landscape.

Many Pools

Some pools were not alive with muddy water.


Pools with clear water with blue-green bottom were fed by thermal water.

All were shallow as ankle-deep.

Pools 1

If you like, please bring your own shovel to make better tubs.

I don't think that someone wants to do so.
Get out of here!
Source of the Springs

Hot water was gradually seeping under the cliff over a wide area.

Source of the Springs

The water temp was scalding hot at source; 140 degrees F.

Mixed with river-bed water, it was moderate in the rock walled pools.

Water temp

Different from Pagosa's characteristic water, it had not smell of sulfur.

The 4-mile trail keeps people away from this place.

Pools 2

After dipping in the pools, you have to think of the return journey.

It could be harder, with the steeply sloping path.


Piedra River (Sheep Creek) Hot Springs, San Juan National Forest, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 140 degrees F

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