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Denver, a huge city with a concentration of high-tech industries, is said to have its beginnings as a mining town during the Gold Rush era.

I have soaked in a cave reminiscent of those days.


Due to renovation work, parts of the building may differ from its current appearance.

Old-fashioned spa resort

It is only a 40-minute drive west of the skyscraper-lined downtown.

Idaho Springs is one of the places that ensured Denver's prosperity when gold was discovered in this area, which in the mid-19th century was just a staging ground for the California gold rush.


Located in Colorado, not Idaho, the historic hot springs inn of Idaho Springs is Indian Hot Springs.

It is said that the first public bathhouse was built in 1863 when a large amount of hot water gushed out when people drilled for gold, so they built a public bathhouse instead.


The building was old-fashioned, consisting of a hotel, indoor swimming pool, private indoor pools, private outdoor pools, mud baths, and geothermal caves.

It was accessible from the city and appeared to be very prosperous.


Swimming pools and private pools

First, I headed to the indoor swimming pool.

Tropical plants were thriving under the lighted roof.

mineral-water-swimming-pool 1

Tropical plants were thriving under the lighted roof.

It looks like a botanical garden.
It's not that nice.
mineral-water-swimming-pool 2

Clothing is required.

The huge pool was disinfected with chlorine, although thermal water was used to keep the water at a lukewarm 100 degrees F.

mineral-water-swimming-pool 3

On the other hand, the private indoor pools were somewhat bleak, although there was no chlorine.

Indoor Private Pools

One cannot talk about the charms of Indian hot springs without visiting the geothermal caves.

Geothermal caves

Changing Room

The caves were gender-separated, and clothing optional.

All the regular visitors were nude.

It Is Illegal

Here and there in the dimly lit, not-at-all-comfortable locker rooms, there were signs prohibiting drug use.

I was starting to get creeped out.


After proceeding through the tunnel, I arrived at a white door.

Beyond this were the geothermal caves, a hot and humid sauna with three small pools.

Geo-Thermal Caves 1

The interior was long and narrow, with the atmosphere of a mine.

In the T-shaped pool at the very front, boiling water of 114 degrees F was poured.

T-shaped 01

The hot water, which was out of the ordinary, seemed to be very rare in U.S. spa facilities.

The boiling water was dropped from a pipe that ran near the ceiling.

Geo-Thermal Caves 3

Near the center of the cave was a square tub, which was divided into two parts inside.

Beside it, there were two benches for lying down.

Geo-Thermal Caves 4

It was nicely hot, around 111 degrees F.

There was a special feeling as the mineral ingredients precipitated stickily around the tub.

Innermost 01

The cave continued at a right angle turn to the left but was only accessible so far.

The sound of the women's cave could be heard from deep in the darkness.

Geo-Thermal Caves 6

The pool was rectangular, deepened in a staircase shape, and filled with 108 degrees F water.

The entire space was too hot to stay long, so I took a break in the changing room and then returned to the cave, which became an unstoppable pleasure.

Soaking 01

It was an addictive cave that I would drive around on a cold night and revisit.


Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Private pool, Clothing required, Gender-separated, Private pool

Chemical use: Yes (large pool), Not detected (other)

Water temp: Up to 115 degrees F

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