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This hot spring is like a scenic view point!

The unfortunate thing is that the water becomes tepid being piped for a distance.

Muddy source of the springs

Long Valley Caldera in the State of California has many undeveloped hot springs inside it.

The Rock Tub is one of the most scenic places.


After entering Whitmore tubs road, soon turn right to the dirt road.

Usually it is very accessible.

Source of the Spring 1

I found steam on the right side.

This area becomes easily muddy after rain.

Source of the Spring 2

I finally found a structure.

In fact this mud pond is the source of the springs; water is piped to a tub around 150 feet away.

Source of the Spring 3

The water temp was 120 degrees F.

I noticed that the amount of water flow was not so large.

Pipeline 1

The PVC pipe clearly splits the snow ground.

Like Moses crossing the Red Sea!
I don't think so.
Pipeline 2

I found the tub behind the small hill.

Awesome spectacle

Winter View

Volunteers have made it with cement and rocks.

When I visited in winter, water was barely being discharged from the edge.

Spring View

In the spring two year ago, I observed higher water level and more water discharge; maybe the pipe got clogged.

Overnight camping is allowed around here.


The apparent custom is clothing optional.

Due to this, please do not park right next to the tub.

Decorative Tiles

The size is for around five people.

Decorative tiles was found in front of it.

rock walled pool

It was around 95 degrees F near the water outlet; 90 degrees F in the entire tub.

I felt it too cold for winter.

Water temp

In addition, the water input was apparently insufficient to maintain it clean.

Maintenance has to be done in any ways.

Soaking 2

Regardless of the defects, the spectacle from the tub was out of the world.

I would visit here periodically and confirm the conditions.

Soaking 1


The Rock Tub Hot Springs, Mammoth Lakes, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 120 degrees F

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