Mountain Village Resort - Hot Springs in Idaho


If you like to soak as well at the base of hot springing in the nearby mountains, this motel could be the option.

Overnight guests are allowed to use the rustic bath house, with the reservation.

Commercial hub of a small village

The area around Stanley is one of the most densely populated geothermal areas in Idaho, and is a great base for visiting Sunbeam and other hot springs.

Reference:Sunbeam Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho

Depression and hot springs. Some hot springs have a history of being developed to overcome unemployment after the Great Depression. Westside pools Driving along the Salmon River on Idaho State Route 75, you won't miss Sunbeam Hot Springs. This is because you can clearly see the rising steam. There is ...

Mountain Village Mercantile

Many travelers are to drop by this village, due to the super market and gas station.

Mountain Village Resort is right across the street against the supermarket.

Motel Office

Both seem to be apparently operated by the same management, which is almost the lone large commercial facility in this small village.

Restaurant and Saloon 1

While checking-in, there was no explanation for the hot springs exclusive to overnight guests.

Instead, I received $5.00 vouchers (as of this writing) per person that is usable at the restaurant.

Restaurant and Saloon 2


I enjoyed the craft beer for free.

Velvet Falls

There was even a dance hall next to it.

Apparently this commercial complex looked the center of Stanley.


They offer a campground and RV park as well.


All the buildings were decollated like a log home.

The guest room accommodated a refrigerator and a microwave.

Guestroom 2

Rustic bathhouse

In the end I asked about the hot springs at the front desk and realized that the reservation was full.

Trail 1

They said that 11 AM tomorrow was fine, so that I had to adjust my schedule.

The bath house is around a 10-minute walk from the motel.

Trail 2

It was hard to find the trailhead in the middle of nowhere.

Exterior 1

Different from the decollated buildings around the motel and supermarket, the bath house looked rustic and authentic.

The cabin is located on the marshland of hot springs.

This is the entrance.

Exterior 2

It is for the one-hour private use, which is definitely impossible for all guests to use.

They say that they do not refund even if it is impossible to use the bath house.
Bathhouse 1

The scenery from the bath house was, however, out of the world.

Outdoor Pool

A pool surrounded by rocks were on the riverbed.

Octagon 2

This is the entire view from the opening facing the Valley River.

Bathhouse 2

I thought that it was better to have a shower in the charging rooms for the sanitary purpose.

Octagon 1

Inside the octagon-shaped tub there was a wood bench in line with the edge.

The bottom was natural sand bed.

Pool 1

Cold water was being added around the metallic ladder probably for the Water temp adjustment.

The hot water around 106 degrees F was clear, colorless, and odorless, gushing straight out of the ground.



Mountain Village Resort, Stanley, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 106 degrees F

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