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Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa - Hot Springs in the U.S.


Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs is considered one of the oldest spa facilities in the U.S.

Just as same as the proverb "things present are judged by the things past," visiting such place may provide telling clues about new ideas.

Things Past

Santa Fe, the capital of the State of New Mexico was founded by a Spanish conquistador in 1610, which was before the nation-building of the United States.

It is an hour's drive from the city to reach Posi-Ouinge, one of the largest ruins of Tewa villages.

The Spanish conquistador might found Santa Fe a short distance away from indigenous people's habitat in order to conquer them effectively.

The ruins are located surrounding a mineral spring, and one of the oldest spa facilities in the U.S. established by westerners utilizes the spring water.

In 1868, the first bathhouse opened its doors, which was before New Mexico became the 47th state in 1912.

Three original buildings have been restored including the Historic Bathhouse now used for sauna rooms.

The atmosphere is not old-fashioned, but rather accomplished in the adobe style architecture.


The spa area is clothing required.

Normally in holidays it is crowded with overnight and walk-in guests, so the morning is the best if you need a quiet and comfortable place.

Large Pool2

The Large Pool is fed by tepid water suitable for cooling your body down.

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs provides four different qualities of water.

This indoor pool is named the Soda Pool.

It is bubbling near the water outlet that provide gallons of hot water.

The water of the Iron Pool has metallic smell.

In addition to the pipes, there are sources of hot water straight out of the ground.

The water is especially fresh due to the structure.

This is the Arsenic Pool.

Arsenic water is believed to be beneficial for relief from arthritis.

I did not realize the efficacy in a short time, but felt stronger bubbles than the Soda Pool, probably due to the smaller size.

Apart from the four different water, there is a mud area.

It is so relaxing to slather mud all over your body and bake in the sun.

This is the Lithia Pool.

Lithia water is believed to relieve depression and aid digestion.

Things Present

These water has been considered valuable among American colonists, ancient Spanish, and Native American Indian tribes.


If you find out the root of the famous proverb first written in Analects, you will see the last half abbreviated:

Confucius said that "Things present are judged by the things past. Then you will be a good leader."

It is not enough to realize the great value of the oldest hot spring in the U.S.

After getting out of the bath, it is required to act as a leader.

The Lithia Pool2

That is the reason why I introduce the enchantments of hot springs.

So, good luck...


Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, U.S.


  • Type
    Walk-in / Lodging
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Large pool: yes / Other: not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 111 degrees F

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