Isaac Hale Beach Park - Hot Springs in the U.S.


Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is one of the safest place to observe lava flows.

It is Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

Around the mountain, hot springs are gushing.


This place is said to be remain even after the eruption in June 2018.

Ocean Entry

Normally, volcanic eruptions are too dangerous to be observed, however, Kilauea is said to be relatively safe due to the runny magma.

Lava Waterfall, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Photo by Dhilung Kirat - Lava Waterfall, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii (2017) / CC BY-NC 2.0

In the case of Hawaiian eruption, the magma overflowed from craters tends to create lava tunnels and flow underground, so that it is usually the coastline where you can see the liquid lava at close hand.

During the volcanic activity, you may see the Ocean Entry.

Pool on Lava Field

A small village, Pohoiki is located 12 miles northeast of the current Ocean Entry.


At the coastline there is a park named Isaac Hale Beach Park, where is a famous surf spot, at the same time some boats depart for observing flowing lava from the sea.


Passing by a red house, get into the jungle to find the hot spring.


Before then, I happened to touch a waterhole at the coastline.

Warm it was!

In fact, the volcanic activities of Kilauea heat entire ground in this area.


Only five minutes hiking through the tropical forest would take you to an open-air bath, whose water looks black reflecting the color of lava.


The water temperature was tepid around 95 degrees F.

Seawater might be mixed, but the smell around here absolutely had that of hot springs.


The back of the tub seemed to be a lava tunnel, where the magma and seawater might heavily conflict with one another here.

Looking back, I could not find any artificial things except for my clothes shuffled off.

Scenery from the Pool

I was listening to the sound of waves.


Since 1960, when the lava suddenly overflowed within easy reach of villages nearby, hot spring water had been gushing here.

On a global mass scale, it would be like the blink of an eye before this place was covered again with lava flows burning.

A massive eruption happened a few months later...
I did not expect it.


Isaac Hale Beach Park, Pahoa, Hawaii, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 95 degrees F

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