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La Paloma Too (Truth or Consequences) - Hot Springs in New Mexico


At Truth or Consequences, this is the place to enjoy the hot springs gushing straight out of the ground.

It warmed up differently from the hot springs piped from sources.


Some say it is currently unavailable. Please consider visiting based on the latest local information.

This one is also La Paloma

Along Austin Street, lined with numerous spa hotels, La Paloma Too stood mysteriously, as if sunk into the ground.


There are various theories, but the predecessor of Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs, founded in 1945, is said to be Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs.

Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs 01

It was acquired in 2014 by La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa, the hotel next door.

ReferenceLa Paloma Hot Springs & Spa (Truth or Consequences) - Hot Springs in New Mexico

Not even plumbing is needed to drain the thermal water that naturally gushes from the bottom of the pools A hole in the wall does the job. Historic ditch Walking through the historic district of Truth or Consequences, I found ...

Bath House 01

That's how the name La Paloma "Too" came about.

Ditch 01
There's a lot of historical value in this ditch.
Oh, really?

La Paloma Hot Springs is famous for its private baths, and its annex, La Paloma Too, is based on the same concept.

Paying Counter

As a hot spring enthusiast, I was happy to see two historical bathhouses in operation, but I wondered if it was an unnecessary concern that there was a bit of an oversupply in this small town.

The fee structure was essentially the same for both.

Today's Temperature

La Paloma Too had six indoor private pools and one outdoor private pool called The Pagoda.

Another outdoor pool called The Long House was available for private use, but was usually used as a communal bath.

The LongHouse

Old-fashioned private baths

Indoor private baths lined both sides of a corridor through the building.


No two bathrooms have the same shape, and they come in all sizes.

Large Tub

The water temp varied from 100 to 111 degrees F, since the amount of water gushing out differed depending on the pools.

It was common that the thermal water from the bottom of the gravel-paved pools.

Middle Tub

With not a single window, it was the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the geothermal water.

There are many places to soak in T or C, but somehow the warmth of the one gushing straight out of the ground is different from those.

Small Tub 1

Is it because of the heat generated from the ground?

While thermal water that is piped from the source warms the body from the surface, the hot springs gush straight out of the ground has the sensation of warming from the center of the body.

Small Tub 2

Hopefully, this difference will be duly appreciated and La Paloma's oversupply of bathrooms will be differentiated from the other hot springs in town.

Looking at La Paloma Too, with its old-fashioned atmosphere with hardly any signs of renovation, I was a little worried about its future.


I was thinking about this as I cooled off on the back patio after soaking.


La Paloma Too, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Private pool, Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 111 degrees F

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