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Gila Hot Springs is a secluded place where you can ride on the back of a horse into the mountains.

At the ranch, I enjoyed the natural hot springs pool, which was unexpectedly clean.

Historic ranch

Doc Campbell's Post is the last gas station in the mountains on the way to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument in New Mexico.

It is a general store opened in 1963 by Doc Campbell, who was instrumental in having the dwellings of the indigenous Mogollon people established as a National Monument.

Doc Campbell's Post 01

On the other side of I- 15 is Gila Hot Springs Ranch, which Doc purchased in 1940 and is still maintained by his relatives.

Entrance 01

As the name suggests, this facility is a ranch, but it is more commonly known as an RV park.

The registration was located right after I entered the unpaved road.

Register 01

The janitor lived in the nearest RV car from here.

The RV sites were set up as parallel parking on both sides of a driveway that ran parallel to the highway.

RV Park 01

The rows of magnificent trees looked spectacular.

I asked him if it was possible to take a walk-in, but he answered it was not.

Restroom 01

The price was $13.50 for a tenting (as of this writing), so I was surprised at how cheap it was.

Even though I was not planning to stay overnight, I paid for one night and decided to use the facilities.

You've got a lot of money.
Thank you.
Pavilion 01

I found a picnic space under a large pavilion.

This red building is an apartment for rent.Apartment 01

This red building was an apartment for rent.

There were three units in total, and they had kitchens.

Corral 01

At the back of the property was a ranch.

Horses, mules, and other livestock were kept there, and you can rent them.

Corral 03

Even today, riding on the backs of livestock seems to be a convenient way to penetrate the deep wilderness of the Gila National Forest.

Corral 02

I was told that I should have my tent near the bath house, so here I was.

Simple hot jacuzzi

Natural Hotsprings Jacuzzi 01

Each RV site has its own hot water supply, but if you are staying in a tent and want to use it, the bath house is the only place to go.

I unlocked the first door with the code I was given when I checked in.

Inside 02

Two clean shower rooms on the left.

Inside 01

There was a second door behind them.

This was the natural hot springs jacuzzi, available for private use on a first-come, first-served basis.

Covered 01

The courtyard was surrounded by bricks on all sides and had a single tiled pool.

Outside 04

It was a minimalist space with only the equipment for the jacuzzi that could be operated freely.

Outside 03

The pool was initially covered with a blue tarp, which I rolled up with a roller attached to the end.

Water temp 01

The water temp was 108 degrees F.

Hot water flowing in from the bottom of the pool and being discharged near the surface.

Jacuzzi 01

The nearby Gila Hot Springs Campground uses thermal water that is free-flowing at 140 degrees F.

Compared to that, this one might have some water added.

Outside 01

As a hot spring enthusiast, I had the impression that it was not interesting enough.

However, it would be valuable to be able to soak in a clean natural hot spring pool in this secluded location.

Outside 02


Gila Hot Springs Ranch, Silver City, New Mexico, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging (RV park)

Rule: Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 108 degrees F

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