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This is a hot spring campground that becomes clothing optional after dark.

It is located in a mountainous area and gets cold at night, so be sure to take all possible measures to protect yourself from the cold.

Minimal facilities

Across the street from the Gila Hot Springs Ranch is the Gila Hot Springs Campground.

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Gila Hot Springs is a secluded place where you can ride on the back of a horse into the mountains. At the ranch, I enjoyed the natural hot springs pool, which was unexpectedly clean. Historic ranch Doc Campbell's Post is ...

Entrance 01

The names are very similar and confusing, but they are different facilities; and both are operated by the Campbell family.

Entrance 02

The campground was opened in 1992 by the family that has contributed to the development of the area.

Register 01

Walk-in is available.

Reservations for lodging can be made via online.

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There are 12 camp sites in total.

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All are located on the right bank of the West Fork Gila River.

Ruins 01

The bridge across to the other side of the river was closed.

Bridge 01

However, interesting structures could be seen on the other side of the river, including ruins of what appeared to be a former bathhouse and the source of the springs.

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The campground was primitive and facilities are minimal.

There was one cold water tap for drinking, in addition to a faucet in the shape of a dragon, which supplied 140 degrees F water.

Fountain 01

There were two vault toilets, but there was no electricity supply or garbage or sewage.

Restroom 01

It was a campground where you would have a hard time unless you were a seasoned camper.

Unlimited access to the pools

No.1 Pool 01

There were three hot pools in the central part of the property, ready for anyone to enter.

The pool at the south end was covered by a fabric sunshade.

No. 1 Pool 02

A flat rock was placed in the center of the pool for comfortable lounging.

No.2 Pool 02

The middle pool was the smallest.

No. 2 Pool 01

Thermal water was poured from the water outlet and naturally cooled in the pool to adjust the temperature to about 104 degrees F.

Since it is in full view of the surroundings, clothing is required during the day.

Soaking 02

You can be naked as you will not be able to be seen after sunset.

That makes sense.
Is that how it should be?
No.3 Pool 03

The pool at the north end was the largest.

No. 3 Pool 01

Located in the mountains at an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet, the temperature drops extremely low at night.

Winter temperatures of 20 degrees F or lower are common.

Winter 01

Gila Hot Springs Campground

I had neglected to take cold protection measures and ended up experiencing an epic camping trip where the blankets froze.

The hot springs were available 24 hours a day, which saved my life.

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Gila Hot Springs Campground, Silver City, New Mexico, U.S.

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Type: Lodging (campground), Walk-in

Rule: Clothing optional, Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 140 degrees F

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