Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools - Hot Springs in California


It is one and a half hours' drive from Las Vegas.

Tecopa Hot Springs is located near the border of the State of California.

The Racetrack Playa

A strange happening can be seen in the wilderness of Death Valley National Park.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Mysterious Roving Rocks of Racetrack Playa (2010)  BY 2.0

Rocks slide by themselves and it leaves dragged marks on the land.

This phenomenon far beyond the common knowledge has been a research object among geological scientists.

In 2014, it was finally revealed that very specific requirements of the weather condition enable rocks rolling.

No clothing in water

Main Street

It is also one and a half hours' drive from the Death Valley.

Tecopa Hot Springs is really accessible.


A cross is at the top of the hill.

I climbed to the top, and found the magnificent panorama.

You tried hard to climb it.
I needed the picture.
From the Top

Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools is right under the hill.

Only the women's bath in the right has an outdoor bath.

Entrance 01

Walk-ins are $9.00 (as of this writing).

Overnight guest of the campground can use it without additional fees.


Surprisingly it is open 24/7.

Mens' Bath

When opening the door of the bathroom, I found the caution of statement of "No clothing in water."

I believe it is a rare case in the US, where the clothing required or clothing optional are common.

Women's Bath

The Men's bath has two indoor bathrooms.

This is at the upper stream.

The Hot Pool1

The men’s bathroom is divided into two.

The Hot Pool2

108 degrees F water is provided into this pool, without chlorinated.

Through a hole, the hot water flows to the other bathroom.

Warm Pool

Due to its structure, this pool is a little bit tepid.

Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools should be one of the best choice for a day trip from Las Vegas or a side trip on the way to the Death Valley.


Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools, Tecopa, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging (campground)

Rule: Gender-separated

Chlorination: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 108 degrees F

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