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Calistoga is a nearby spa town in the Bay Area.

Even in this resort area, where many facilities are a bit lacking for hot spring enthusiasts, there are places where you can enjoy authentic hot springs!

A feeling of great water

A true story that sounds like a lie.

In the 1860s, the town was named after Saratoga Springs, NY on the East Coast, which had been famous since that time as a result of the native hot springs being known to western settlers.

Entrance 3

Cali-stoga meant Saratoga in California.

Calistoga has remained a popular resort area as the Bay Area has grown, but it is also somewhat commercial.

Entrance 2

Although many of hot springs here are heavily chlorinated, such as Calistoga Motor Lodge, Golden Haven looks promising.

ReferenceCalistoga Motor Lodge & Spa - Hot Springs in California

Calistoga is one of the most charming places located in Napa Valley. I stayed at a fashionable motel in the city famous for its mud baths. Fantastic renovation Now in September 2020, Calistoga is threatened by the massive wildfire, Glass Fire. ...

It has been renovated, but is basically an old motel.

Play Ground 1

A billiard table and a ping-pong table were found under the gazebo in the backyaRoad

Next to it was a coat for Bocce.

Play Ground 2

I found huge tanks.

The hot spring water, which is 151 degrees F at its gush point, was being cooled naturally in the tanks.

Fountain 2

The drinking fountain was directly connected.

When I put the water in my mouth, it tasted bad.

Fountain 1

It was a bitter taste of good medicine and a premonition of great water.

Face Cutout 01

Calistoga's famous mud baths are not to be missed.

The mud bath was by appointment only, so I decided to soak in the pools first to make up the time.

Fully chlorinated pools


Use of the pool is limited to spa guests and overnight guests and is usually locked.

Walk-ins are not accepted.

Pool Area 2

The poolside was small.

The small pool in the front was 99 degrees F and the one in the back was 104 degrees F.

Pool Area 1

In this Jacuzzi, the water looked yellowish and the amount of mineral water used seemed to be high.

Unfortunately, it was intensely chlorinated.

Pool Area 3

You should not expect much from the pools.

Stinking mud bath

It was time for the mud bath I had reserved.

Entrance 1

The reception desk was in the same place for both spa and lodging.

Only the reception area was so clean that it was hard to believe it was the same facility.


First, I changed into a bathrobe in the changing room.

I was given a special bag to carry my luggage and clothes by myself.

Finally, I went into the mud bath room!

Mud Baths

The concrete frame was filled with mud so that each person could enter one at a time.

Calistoga's mud baths are a unique culture that mixes the local spring water with volcanic ash from approximately 10,000 years of eruptions at nearby Mount Konocti and other mountains.


After a staff left the room, I showered and buried my body in the mud, completely naked.

It smells like a ditch.[/st-kaiwa1]

[st-kaiwa1]You make it clear.


The mud was only mildly warm overall, but there were some areas that were quite hot, as there seemed to be a water outlet at the feet.

After a while, the staff came back to the room and applied the mud pack to my face and took a picture of me.

Mud Bath 01

I was only in the mud for 15 minutes, but I was happy to start sweating heavily.

One might be concerned about sanitation, since I don't think they change such a large amount of mud every day.


At the end , I refreshed myself in a Jacuzzi using the thermal water.

Although not as strong as the pool, I was disappointed to find that even this was disinfected with chlorine.

Spend money on rooms

Spa Rooms 3

Mud baths were interesting as an experience, but personally, I thought it's just once.

If you stay at Golden Haven's most expensive Spa Rooms, you would have a free-flowing tub in your room.

Spa Rooms 2

It was about $400 per night (as of this writing) for an overnight stay with no meal, quite a lot of money.

A unique floor plan.

Spa Rooms 1

A ready-made tub was embedded at the top of the raised staircase by the bed.

When I turned on the faucet, the water it was in the drinking fountain popped out at 145 degrees F.

Greenish Water 2

No chlorine disinfection, a rich, oil smell.

The green-colored looking was a testament to the richness of the ingredients it contained.

Greenish Water 1

Even the somewhat commercial spa town of Calistoga has real hot springs that satisfy hot spring enthusiasts.


Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa and Resort, Calistoga, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Private pool, Clothing required, Room with thermal water

Chemical use: No (guestroom), No (other)

Water temp: Up to 151 degrees F

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