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Calistoga is one of the most popular spa towns near the Bay Area.

Some facilities are too commercial, using heavily chlorinated water, while there are authentic hot springs as well.

Quaint Inn

The name of the town, Calistoga was given in 1867, with the intent to the spas reminiscent to Saratoga Springs in New York (Saratoga of California).

Entrance 3

With the continuous development of the San Francisco Bay Area, Calistoga has been always a popular tourist destination. 

Entrance 2

Due to its history, some facilities are too commercial or developed, and sometimes discourage natural soakers.

Golden Haven is overall a quaint inn, although being renovated partially.

Play Ground 1

I found a billiard table and a table tennis table in the backyard.

Next to them there were two bocce ball courts.

Play Ground 2

The large tanks were the natural cooling system for 151 degrees F water at source.

Fountain 2

I tasted the mineral water at this fountain.

Fountain 1

It was not so tasty, but proved the rich contained materials.

Soaking 2

You can't miss the signature mud bath.

It is by reservation only, so I decided to fill the time at the natural hot springs pool.

Heavily Chlorinated Pool


The pool is exclusive for spa guests and overnight guests.

Pool Area 2

It consists of three indoor pools.

Pool Area 1

One of the pools is fed by apparently yellowish water, which means that a greater deal of mineral water is used.

Pool Area 3

Unfortunately, all pools are heavily chlorinated with bad smell.

Nicely Stinking Mud Bath

It's time for the mud Bath.

Entrance 1

The beautiful reception are is both for the spa and hotel.


I changed my clothes to the robe.

Let's get into the mud room!

Mud Baths

I got surprised to see the two concrete tubs full of mud.

A mud bath is a local specialty of Calistoga.


It is immersion in hot volcanic ash.

It smells nicely bad...[/st-kaiwa1]

[st-kaiwa1]What do you mean?



The mud was warm and not so hot, except for the water outlet around feet.

The staff did face masks and took pictures as a memory.

Soaking 1

It was only a fifteen-minute in the mud, but caused the body to sweat.

I wondered if there were any hygienic concerns, though.


Lastly I soaked in the hot tub.

Unfortunately it was chlorinated again.

Pay More for Room

Spa Rooms 3

If you choose Spa Rooms, you can enjoy free-flowing mineral water in the guest room.

Spa Rooms 2

It costs around $400.00.

The room layout is interesting.

Spa Rooms 1

A hot tub is on the step-like mounting right next to the bed.

145 degrees F water flowed from the faucet.

Greenish Water 2

It was not chlorinated, and had slight smell of oil.

The greenish water was powerful enough for hot springs guys to get satisfied.

Greenish Water 1


Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa and Resort, Calistoga, California, U.S.


  • Style
    Lodging / Walk-in
  • Rule
    Private pool / Clothing required / Hot tub in guestroom
  • Chlorination
    Hot tub in guestroom: not detected / Others: yes
  • Water Temp
    Up to 151 degrees F

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