Deep Creek Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.


These are the ideal natural hot springs near Los Angeles.

Several ways reach them; I chose the way from Bowen Ranch that offered the shortest trail.

Bowen Ranch

When searching for Deep Creek Hot Springs in a map, the place looks close to Los Angeles, but in San Bernardino National Forest that prevents the direct route.

Bowen Ranch Road 1

Google Maps does not tell the right way with the shortest trail from the north.

From I-15, go east on the main street of Hesperia, get into Ocotillo Way, and go south on Bowen Ranch Road.

Bowen Ranch Road 2

Normal cars can go on the dirt road with careful drive.

Bowen Ranch

Bowen Ranch is just a private property that has to get crossed to the hot springs.

While paying $10.00 per person/day for the toll, make sure to show understanding of the owner’s Rule turn off the engine while paying.

A little bit awkward...
Just respect each other.


Keep in mind of the opening hours from 7AM to 5PM, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles with him.

The hot springs are less than 5 miles from the trailhead.


The outward is only downhill; return is only uphill.

Creekside Pools


Going down the steep slope to the bottom of the valley, I found some natural pools around a rocky hill.

There was no way to the pools except crossing the river.

River Crossing

It was around knee-deep, and would not need extra caution in most cases.

Lower Pools 1

Deep Creek Hot Springs is famous for many nudists escaping from the stressful metropolis.

I do not like the lack of shyness, so started hiking in the early morning.

Lower Pools 2

There are the thin pool in the front, the deep pool in the back, and the middle pool.

In the pool surrounded by sandbags, water is tepid mixed with river water.

Lower Pools 2

The water was around 109 degrees F, crystal clear, colorless, and odorless.

Deeper Pool 1

The deep pool was over 6-feet deep, dammed by someone.

There were three water outlets as for the pool.

Deeper Pool 2

Do not go back home just enjoying the creek side pools.


Climbing the rocky hill near the thin pool, I found a small pool with mortar walls.

Go around the Rocky Hill

Warm Pool 1

The water input was not so much.

Warm Pool 2

The landscape was the best due to the high position.

Hotter Pools 1

Going around the hill, I finally found the rocky pool with plenty of fresh water.

I felt it the hottest and freshest.

Hotter Pools 3

I realized that the deep pool was just under this fresh pool.

It was not easy to overlook the entire structure due to the complicated water flow.

Hotter Pools 2

When going to upper stream, I found some other pools.

Upper Pools

Even if the creek side pools were full of nudists, it should be fine.

Climb up the rocky hill and find tranquility.


Deep Creek Hot Springs, San Bernardino National Forest, California, U.S.


  • Type
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 109 degrees F

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