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Calistoga is one of the most charming places located in Napa Valley.

I stayed at a fashionable motel in the city famous for its mud baths.

Fantastic renovation

Now in September 2020, Calistoga is threatened by the massive wildfire, Glass Fire.

Normally many tourists visit the city for the unique spa experience and wineries.

Information Board

Calistoga Motor Lodge is a 15-minute walk from the downtown.

On first sight it looked to me a typical old motel.

Lobby 2

Indeed it does not look luxurious.

However I got impressed by the fantastic renovations inside the buildings.

Lobby 1

For example, I found a blackboard in the lobby.

This showed the free-rent family games like UNO and Jenga.

Family Games

Each of them is not special, but the entire list looks so exciting somehow.

The guest rooms are great too.


Furniture and bed linens are all in the coordinated navy.

Guest Room 2

A Hula-Hoop hanging on the wall is inspirational as well.

Guest Room 1

Chlorine or money, that is the question

Mineral springs water is piped to most lodging facilities and spas in Calistoga.

Warm and Cold Pools 3

This motel is not the exception, but I experienced a worry from my own rules of thumb.

It is unlikely to find a genuine hot springs in such a beautiful place.

Warm and Cold Pools 1

Eventually it becomes true.

Hot springs water is used in the outside pools.


The pool next to sunbeds was around 82 degrees F.

The pool in front of a building was around 93 degrees F.

Warm and Cold Pools 2

It was difficult for me to feel the natural characteristics.

A circular hot tub with 102 degrees F water was in the building.

Hot Pool 3

It couldn't be worse to me.

The strong smell of chlorine filled up the entire room.

Hot Pool 1

When switching on the Jacuzzi, the artificial smell became stronger.

I finally realized that this place did not target at people who like natural hot springs.

Hot Pool 2

Most guests looked satisfying with the charming atmosphere of the facility.

Why did you go there?
I had a faint hope.
Spa 1

Actually the spa provides untreated mineral springs water in the private pooltubs.

However, it costs $70.00 per 25-minute (as of this writing), which was beyond my budget.

Spa 2

Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa


Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa, Calistoga, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in (spa)

Rule: Clothing required, Private pool

Chemical use: Detected

Water temp: Up to 102 degrees F

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