Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa - Hot Springs in California


If you like hot springs that smell like rotten eggs, you can't miss this place!

This luxury hotel is a perfect excursion from Los Angeles.

Be careful when booking a stay

It takes about three hours to drive northwest along the Pacific coast from

San Luis Obispo, where California wine is produced, is a beautiful area with sprawling vineyards.

Hotel Lobby

Sycamore Mineral Springs in this city is a luxury hotel with a source that was drilled in place of oil during oil field development.

Walk-ins are available, but I personally don't think they are necessary to go out of your way to try them.

The private outdoor tubs for walk-ins were located in the forest and have a nice atmosphere; but the smell of chlorine disinfection was too strong.

The Hillside Hot Tub

This is because in many states in the U.S., hot tubs that are used by an unspecified number of people are treated like swimming pools and must be disinfected by laws.

On the other hand, overnight guests can enjoy the signature water in the private outdoor tubs attached to their rooms.

However, there is a thing that you should never make a mistake when making that reservation.

Spa Suite-Queen "mythical"

The odor unique to hot springs is not liked by the average American guests, so that the higher-grade rooms are watered down and lose their mineral characteristics.

It's complicated, isn't it?
It's a different culture.

Only the three older buildings, named Adventure, Harmony, and Mythical, have free-flowing water.

This time I stayed at Mythical.


The terrace at the back of the bedroom bordered the slope of the hill, and this is where the tub was located.

Left overnight

The ready-made jacuzzi had not an ounce of elegance, but the hot water coming out of the outlet was real.

It had a sulfur odor accompanied by a burnt smell.

Mineral Tub

To prevent noise, you can only use the tub between 7 am and 11pm.

If I was going to stay in a room with such private tub, I wanted to enjoy the water without hesitation.


Although the water of 117 degrees F looked a little yellowish at first, it became beautifully clouded white by the component change when it was left overnight.


It was cold as it was, but by adding a little fresh hot water, I was able to enjoy the impeccable name of the hot spring in the morning.

Soaking 01


Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Room with thermal water, Private pool

Chemical use: Yes (outdoor pools), No (other)

Water temp: Up to 117 degrees F

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