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Lake Elsinore used to be a historic spa resort located about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Even now, when people have almost forgotten about its existence, the signature water was still barely running.

Lake Elsinore

If you are traveling in Southern California, you have probably passed Lake Elsinore without knowing it.

It is one of the major transportation hubs along I- 15, and not many people know that it was a historic spa resort.

Lake Elsinore 01

In the downtown, the old Moorish bathhouse (the Crescent Bathhouse, a.k.a. Chimes), built in 1887, is still there.

The Chimes 01

This bathhouse, which was closed in 1945 and remains closed today, had utilized hot sulfur water, which came to the surface at a temperature of 132 degrees F, and gave guests a choice of plunge, sweat, mud, or hot tubs.

The Chimes 02

Just as Lake Elsinore, a popular destination for celebrities fleeing Hollywood in the early 1900s, has been forgotten today, so has the spa culture too.

The signature water

Today, with the closure of the House of Siloam, only one spa motel is open for business in Elsinore.

Reference:House of Siloam (Lake Elsinore) [Closed] - Hot Springs in California

This hot spring inn was located about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. It was well known in the Asian community for its authentic water quality. History of the place connected by Asians House of Siloam used to be operated by a Japanese American pastor and was especially popular ...

Information Board 01

Its name is Elsinore Hot Springs & Lodge.

It is located a few minutes walk from the Chimes.

Motel 01

In SoCal, where there are many Asian people who have a high affinity for spa culture, it is natural to see Asian people running related businesses.

Office 01

The owner of this motel was of Korean descent.

Courtyard 01

They were also accepting walk-ins.

Sauna 01

Indoors, there were shower rooms, a sauna, and one circular hot tub.

Indoor Pool 01

I wasn't particularly impressed with the hot tub here, as the water seemed to be circulated and chlorinated.

Outdoor Pool 02

Outside, there was one outdoor pool in the courtyard facing the motel buildings.

The pool here did not seem to be for natural hot spring use.

I found a rectangular hot tub under a gazebo at the back.

Hot Tub 01

The water looked slightly opaque and there were no outlets for circulation.

Hot water poured from a small metal spout.

Water Outlet 01

Since this was all the water that was put into the tub, I found it a bit difficult to be hygienic.

That said, I had to admit that I was impressed by the fact that the historic mineral water was running.

Soaking 01

It was slippery to the touch and had a strong sulfur smell.

I felt that if only the amount of water input was greater, I would be more satisfied.

Hot Tub 02

Incidentally, it seemed that the amount of water gushing was not insufficient, so I was able to use the same water in the shower rooms.

However, the shower rooms were a bit tricky, and I had to fight with a giant cockroach in the small, damp space.

As long as the water's good, you'll be fine.
Cleanliness is important to me.
Shower Room 01

Elsinore's hot springs were still alive, but they were in danger of disappearing.


Elsinore Hot Springs & Lodge, Lake Elsinore, California, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Clothing required, Room with thermal water

Chemical use: Not detected (under gazebo), Yes (other)

Water temp: Up to 104 degrees F

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