Kosk (Kosh Creek) Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in California


Beautiful rocky pool along a beautiful mountain stream.

Located on private property in Big Bend, CA.


We have been informed that the property is privately owned and therefore unavailable. There are also reports of frequent vehicle vandalism in the area. Please consider visiting based on the latest local information.

One step ahead

It would be a shame to find Hunt Hot Springs and leave satisfied with just that!

ReferenceHunt Hot Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in California

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Path 01

About 500 feet from the Hunt Hot Springs is another soaking spot, Kosk Hot Springs.

I almost missed it, but the wooden railing was the landmark.

Path 02

Perhaps it was the owner's intention, but the lower side of the hill had been destroyed and could not be easily climbed.

Once I managed to climb the slippery slope, the rest of the way was through the forest, where it was easy to walk.

Trail 01

A camping space was found around the end of the Kosk Creek.

It was not clear if it was allowed to use, as the entire place was privately owned and only open with good will.

Campground 01

The trail turned left from here and followed the stream.

Trail 02

Hot water seeping out of rocks

The hot spring was located in the area where the largest rock formations were exposed.

In this area, hot springs gush out all along the river, of which Kosk Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful.

River View 03

At one time there was a partition in the center, but at the time of my visit it was one pool.

It was an oval shape and large enough for three soakers.

Overview 02

What is wonderful about this hot spring is that the source is right here.

It is not drawn from remote locations.

River View 05

The hot water was seeping out of the cracks in the rocks with white precipitates.

I'm not sure.
Water Outlet 01

The water temp was 108 degrees F.

It was miraculously the right temperature, despite being in close to the Hunt Hot Springs, where boiling water gushed out.

Water Temp 01

The edges of the pool were rock and mortar.

Pool 02

The overflowing water was discharged directly into the river.

It was evident that there was a sufficient amount of water gushing out.

Water Discharge 01

It was deep enough to be about shoulder-deep even when sitting in the middle of the body, and it warmed the whole body.

The almost tasteless and odorless water stood out for the freshness.

River View 01

Surrounded by a deep forest with not a single man-made structure.

It was in a perfect location facing the riverbed where the Kosk Creek flows gently.

Soaking 02

And yet, it was a clean rocky pool that was distinctly different from the typical wild hot springs.

What more could you want?


Kosk Hot Springs, Big Bend, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Private pool, Clothing required

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 108 degrees F

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