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It was really boiling.

The buffalo and elk of Yellowstone might have looked at me coldly as I cheered.


This popular place is closed until further notice due to COVID-19 public health guidelines. Please check the Yellowstone National Park website for the latest information.

Yellowstone National Park

More than 10,000 hot springs and other geothermal activities can be found in Yellowstone National Park.

Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs

If all of them were used for human use, the United States would be one of the world's leading spa nations.

Morning Glory Pool
Morning Glory Pool

Unfortunately, in almost all of the springs, you can only view.

Punch Bowl Spring
Punch Bowl Spring

Even if you don't soak, it is too much of a sanctuary for hot spring enthusiasts.

Grand Prismatic Spring
Grand Prismatic Spring

Even in Yellowstone, there is a place where soaking is officially permitted.

Excelsior Geyser
Excelsior Geyser

truely, a boiling river

Affordable lodging is concentrated in Gardiner, Montana, the northern gateway to the national park.


Only less than a 10-minute drive south of Gardiner, I arrived at the Boiling River parking lot.

The area with the information board is just at the state border, and the direction where the hot springs are located belongs to the state of Wyoming.


A 10-minute hike each way.

It was an easy walk, except for the nervousness of an elk in close proximity.


The steam that had been visible in the distance was getting closer, and my mood was rising.


The river was truely boiling.

Information Board

The water temp about 140 degrees F, so technically it is not boiling.

However, the amount of water gushing out of the ground was so great that the surface of the water was so powerful.

Source of the Springs

The source of the spring existed on the left bank of the Gardiner River flowing northward.

Boiling River 2

The hot river ran northward in a parallel direction for about 200 feet, eventually joining the Gardiner River.


Where two rivers of different temperatures merge, you can soak at the right temperature.


Early morning and nighttime entry is prohibited to prevent danger.

Clothing is required.

Boiling River 2

A boardwalk led to the embankment part dividing the hot river and the cold river.

Boiling River 1

The boardwalk continued on to the Gardiner River.

Steps to River

The temperature that day was below freezing, and the river water was so cold that my toes lost feeling within seconds.

There was no room in the mind to look up at the stunning travertine domes and be impressed.

Tufa Dome

Anyway, cold!

I needed to soak in the hot water as as soon as possible.


Now hot!

Completely injured by the 140 degrees F boiling water.

You're overreacting.
I'm serious.

I was fleeing between scorching heat and extreme cold.

With such a rapid flow, there was hardly any point where the proper temperature could be maintained.

Gardner River

Nonetheless, from the bottom of my heart, I enjoyed the situation.


Boiling River Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped (fee required)

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 136 degrees F

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