Saratoga Hobo Hot Pool - Hot Springs in Wyoming


A town-operated pool that is free of charge.

Nonetheless, it is a superb geothermal spring that gushes directly from the ground.

For a satisfactory amount of money

In ancient times, the Cheyenne, Ute, and Arapaho Native American tribes considered it a place of magical waters.

In 1921, the state of Wyoming purchased the area surrounding the sources and established a state park, Saratoga Hot Springs State Reserve.

Pool House 01

Later, in 1949, the section of Hobo Pool began leased from the state and operated by the town.

The thermal pool is located behind the municipal swimming pool.

Bathhouse 01

The swimming pool is open from late May to early September.

In contrast, the thermal pool basically opens year-round.

Bathhouse 03

The facility is equipped with splendid men's and women's changing rooms, restrooms, showers, and lockers.

And yet, it is amazing that it is available for free.

Donation 01

Donations are welcome.

Please insert the amount you are comfortable with into the fee box by the changing rooms.

So the fee isn't mandatory.

Slightly too hot gushing point

Staircases descended from the front of the changing rooms in two directions, with the hottest pool in between.

Lobster Pool 01

Hot water with a temperature of 120 degrees F was bubbling up from the bottom of a pool surrounded by large rocks.

Lobster Pool 02

Note that it was slightly too hot for soaking.

Lobster Pool 03

The square pool located outside of it also had a natural bottom, with geothermal water welling up from the ground.

Bathhouse 02

On a small rise was another pool shaped like an ellipse.

Small Pool 01

This pool had a more artificial atmosphere and was a lukewarm 106 degrees F.

Bubbling 01

The input of the water was from this outlet here, accompanied by intense bubbles.

Small Pool 02

The smell was pronounced, like boiled eggs.

Soaking 01

Drainage is to the adjacent North Platte River.

Volunteers also set up rock pools on the riverbank for a different kind of enjoyment.

River 01


Saratoga Hobo Hot Pool, Saratoga, Wyoming, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: 120 degrees F

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