Fifth Water (Diamond Fork) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.


Cold water flows down the waterfall.

In the both sides of the plunge basin, hot mineral water is gushing.

4.6-mile Hiking

I flew to Salt Lake City, and was thinking of going north for visiting natural hot springs in Idaho, and finally found that it was raining in that area.

I changed my mind and decided to go to Fifth Water Hot Springs, where was only an hours’ drive to south in the State of Utah.


It is located at a popular hiking trail; usually crowded with many people on weekends.

Autumn leaves

The trail is 4.6-mile for a round trip with moderate distance, well-maintained, and beautiful scenery of a stream from the beginning to end.

It looks nice if not for a hot spring...
That is the point.


Natural Hot Springs with Opaque Water

I began feeling smell of sulfur, and then reached the destination.

Lower Pool 1

Hot water gushes generally in two areas.

One is in the downstream, near a small waterfall.

Lower Pool 2

In the right bank, a rock walled pool is fed by moderately hot water.

The blueish water of the stream is due to mixture of geothermally heated water.

From Hilltop 2

Depending on conditions, the color becomes stronger to turquoise.

Another area is in the upstream, under a big waterfall.

Middle Pool 2

There is the biggest pool in the right bank that accommodates more than ten soakers.

Hot water is flowing down from the slope.

Source of the Springs 1

Extremely hot water around 140 degrees F is spouting out.

From Middle Pool 1

Most part of the pool was in a moderate temperature, being mixed with cold water from the stream.

From Middle Pool 2

Be careful for some points that are scalding hot.

Waterfall 1

Water flows down beyond a slip on a fault.

A fault is considered to be a path for geothermally heated water in the ground to gush out.

From Hilltop 1

I thought that these hot springs were just along such theory.

Source of the Springs 2

In the opposite side of the shallow plunge basin, the bottom looked browned.

Upper Pool 1

There was another source of the springs, flowing into a small rock walled pool.

Upper Pool 2

The water contains higher in sulfur, which makes it greenish and with strong smell.

Waterfall 2

I really enjoyed the natural environment full of sound of the waterfall.

Mineral Deposits

Fibrous forms of mineral deposits were adhered to rocks.


Looking back the downstream, I observed stronger opaqueness due to altered mineral deposits.

I saw many hikers, so that clothing is required.

Fifth Water Hot Springs would be one of the best place to visit in Utah.


Fifth Water (Diamond Fork) Hot Springs, Springville, Utah, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 140 degrees F

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