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These are ruins of a part of the hotel that had been operated by Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway.

The hotel closed the business, while hot springs water continues gushing.


Just as you had the right to know, others have the right to know too. When visiting this "secret" place, please bring your own trash bag and take home twice as much trash as you bring in. And remember to be respectful and kind to others.

Abandoned construction in the mountains

It is not the popular Las Vegas in Nevada.

The less popular Las Vegas in the State of New Mexico used to be one of the most flourished cities in the southwestern U.S. in the 19th century.

Ruin 1

The opening of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway was the key factor.

The Santa Fe Railways established a Las Vegas Hot Springs hotel, which appealed to tourists.

Guests included even Theodore Roosevelt and Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

Montezuma Castle

After the closure of business, the famous building called Montezuma Castle is now used as the campus of the United World College.

Other, most constructions are abandoned in the mountains.

Three soaking areas

The sources of the springs are located on the opposite side of the Montezuma Castle, across the Gallinas River.

Overall, there are three different areas for soaking.

West Entrance

Let’s start with the upstream one.

Gaps of guardrails are the entrance.

Small Tub 1

All the hot springs are located in the middle of the bank.

The T-shaped tub is too shallow to soak.

Small Tub 2

The water is clear and colorless, accompanied by slight mineral deposits.

The West Pools

Inside the wooden-fenced area, there are terraced three pools.

The top one is fed by the hottest water in Montezuma.

Lobster Pool 1

The water temp is around 122 degrees F.

Lobster Pool 2

The pool is so deep that the ladder is useful.

A little scared.
That is the point.
From the West Pools 2

Overflowed water is drained to the second and third pools.

Due to the lack of water provided, I felt that the water in these pools does not have freshness.

From the West Pools 1

I realized the first pool looking like e a soil pipe was the best place to be warmed.

The Center Pools 1

Let’s move to the next soaking area.

There are two small private tubs.

The Center Pools 2

I do not understand why it is constructed so solidly, paved with concrete.

Overflowed water is drained to the Gallinas River, where it is famous for trout fishing.

The Center Pools 3

The last area is downstream.

Three rocky pools are in the grass.

The East Pools 1

A trail starts from this point in the direction of the castle.

The East Pools 3

I found some ruins of tubs along the path.

Ruin 2

In the end, I encountered a no trespassing sign.

Please do not enter the private property of the United World Colleges.

Do Not Enter

Returning to the soaking area, I observed that the water temp differs per pool.

The East Pools 2

Due to the accessible location from the city of Las Vegas, lots of local people were gathering for leisure.

The East Pools 4

If you want a quiet soak, visit in the early morning.


Montezuma Hot Springs, Montezuma, New Mexico, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 122 degrees F

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