Days Inn Thermopolis - Hot Springs in Wyoming


Many hotels in the United States are under chain managements.

Low-end brands are suitable for tourists who do not put much value on the accommodation and service, but want to secure the security.

Days Inn is one of such hotel chains, but this is something different.

Unique motel

Inside Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming, there are two lodging facilities.

Days Inn is one of them.


This hotel chain consists of a kind of low-end motels, so that tourists should not expect to enjoy the stay, but expect a certain level of security.

However, this Days Inn is completely different.


The building used to be Holiday Inn, has a restaurant, and the exterior looks rather stylish, although guest rooms seems dilapidated.

A big surprise is an outdoor  pool fed by mineral spring water.

Superior outdoor pool


In the courtyard, there is a pool in the right side and hot tubs in the left side.

Hot tubs are surrounded by the fence, and only overnight guests with swimsuits are permitted to use them.


The park where the hotel is located is within walking distance of the free State Park Bath House.

Reference:Hot Springs State Park Bath House (Thermopolis) - Hot Springs in Wyoming

In Yellowstone National Park, it impossible to find a spa facility where uses the mineral water. However, in a nearby town, there is a publicly owned bathhouse at no fee.

The hot water from the same source is distributed via a pipe.

Two Tubs

A long and thin pool for around eight people is fed by the turquoise blue water, not being chlorinated.

It makes a beautiful spectacle of Bighorn River in the distance.

Water surface

The pool is divided into two.

The spring water is firstly provided to the smaller tub, moves to the larger tub under the partition, and gets cool while doing so.

Hotter Tub

The water in the smaller tub looks yellowish, which proves the component change during the exposure to air.

The water temp at the source is extremely hot (135 degrees F).

The Days Inn is located at the farthest place in the park, so that the water naturally gets cool in the pipe to some extent, and the water outlet looks functional too.

Water Outlet

The spring water is poured into the tub from small holes, which intends to cool it effectively.

Despite such features, the water in the smaller tub is by far hotter than an average hot tub.

Is this place for soaking?

Just follow your heart../st-kaiwa2]


Days Inn Thermopolis, Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.


  • Type
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water temp
    Up to 135 degrees F

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