Hot Springs Hotel & Spa (Days Inn Thermopolis) - Hot Springs in Wyoming


The U.S. hotel industry is becoming increasingly chain-oriented at all price points.

Low-priced brands are valued by travelers who want a certain level of security with a minimal quality.

Days Inn is one such hotel chain, but this hotel was unique.


In 2022, the hotel was reportedly withdrawn from the Days Inn franchise.

Motel with a special focus

There are two lodging options within Hot Springs State Park.

Best Western and Days Inn.

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Motel 02

Since Days Inn is one of the lower-priced motels, it is usually a place where you can only buy safety for money, not enjoy your stay.

However, this Days Inn was different.

Motel 01

It had a restaurant, and the exterior was quite stylish.

The hunting-related exhibits, which seemed to be the owner's hobby, might appeal to different tastes.


The guest rooms were tired.

They appeared to have been little altered since the days when this property was once a Holiday Inn.

Excellent hot tub

The courtyard section of the U-shaped building.


The pool was on the right and the hot tub was on the left.

The hot tub was located on a higher level and was surrounded by a simple fence so that only guests could use it.

Clothing were required in all areas.


A long, narrow tub that could fit about eight soakers was filled with beautiful turquoise water.

The view while soaking was of the Bighorn River.

There was some distance to the riverbank, but nothing existed in between, so the view was nice.

Water surface

The hot tub was divided into two parts, one large and one small.

First the thermal water was poured into the smaller tub, then it passed through a gap under the partition to the larger part, which was warm by that time.

The water in the smaller tub was slightly yellowish, indicating how the appearance of the geothermal water changes when exposed to air.

Hotter Tub

The water temp of the Big Spring, the source, is 135 degrees F.

The water was piped from the spring and put into the smaller tub in the form of a shower.

This was a device to further enhance the effect of natural cooling.

Water Outlet

It was such an excellent use of water, but the water temp of the smaller part was quite hot.

Is this place for soaking in the first place?
Don't think, feel.

Still, I persevered and soaked my entire body in the hot water, which was extremely relaxing.


Hot Springs Hotel & Spa (Days Inn Thermopolis), Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.

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Type: Lodging

Rule: Clothing optional

Chlorination: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 135 degrees F

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