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The name Saratoga may remind you of the famous Saratoga Springs in New York State.

Far west from there, another Saratoga was located in Wyoming.

This is it for staying in Saratoga!

In the past, its hot springs, which gushed onto the common lands of the Native Americans residing in the vicinity, were called magical waters.

In 1877, the first bathhouse by white settlers was built attached to a post office, which is the current site of the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort.


The original name of the town was "Warm Springs," and the name was changed to Saratoga in honor of Saratoga, New York, the most prosperous resort area in North America at the time.

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort has undergone several changes of ownership and improvements, and today is a popular, high-quality resort hotel.


The lobby at the entrance was a warm, woody space.

The scent of wood pervaded the guest rooms as well.


Although there are no major tourist attractions other than the hot springs, the hotel was designed so that visitors could enjoy their stay.

With a golf course, spa, and brewery, it is no exaggeration to say that there is no other choice when staying in Saratoga.


The restaurant was highly rated and we enjoyed a delicious Eggs Benedict for breakfast.

Egg Benedict

Native American-style private bath

There was a large thermal pool in a courtyard planted with lush green grass.

Large Pool

Lukewarm water of about 97 degrees F.

Next to it was an elliptical pool filled with warm water of about 100 degrees F.

Small Pool

Since this place does not accept walk-ins except for spa users, time passed slowly and without crowds.

On the other side of the elliptical pool was a wooden deck with four small circular tubs.

These were covered with tents like traditional Native American mobile homes.


Each of these was a private bath that did not require reservations (clothing required).

The tub was small, so the water temperature was relatively high, around 108 degrees F, and warmed up well.

Inside Tepee

The water was fed in from the bottom of the tub, and there was a small hole for drainage near the surface of the water.

Due to structural problems, dust and other debris are not discharged efficiently.

I kinda hate it.
Just scoop it out and throw it away.

Large bubbles popped out of the water outlet with occasional bubbling noises.

For some reason, sulfur smell that was so prominent at the nearby Hobo Pool was barely perceptible here.

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Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, Saratoga, Wyoming, U.S.

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Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chlorination: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 108 degrees F

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