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This blog has been introducing the wonders of Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Why don't you visit this lesser-known spot of the town?

Sturdy stone stairs

Yellowstone National Park, so famous for its hot springs and geysers, is mainly located in the State of Wyoming.

Since dipping in the hot springs is prohibited in most places in Yellowstone, hot springers may enjoy Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis more.


The park is full of attractions, including the State Park Bath House, various hot springs pools, and a boardwalk with a view of giant tufa domes.

Reference:Hot Springs State Park Bath House (Thermopolis) - Hot Springs in Wyoming

In Yellowstone National Park, it impossible to find a spa facility where uses the mineral water. However, in a nearby town, there is a publicly owned bathhouse at no fee. Hot Springs State Park It is two and a half hours' drive from one of the most popular national parks, ...

Most tourists probably don't even notice White Sulphur Hot Spring.

Parking Lot

This hot spring is located in the northern part of the park where herds of buffalo can be seen.

Park your car next to the the Bighorn River.

Travertine Dome

On the mountainside of this parking lot, there is a peculiar mineral deposit called "Green Eye."

The source of the spring has completely dried up, but its elements have carved beautiful rings over the years.

Information Board

White Sulphur is one of the highlights of the park, and there was the information board.

Information Board 2

It says that there was a bathhouse here in the 1890s, but it burned down in 1899.

The Bighorn River 1

It is amazing that the scene on a postcard at around 1900 is almost the same as it is today.

The only thing is that the amount of water seems to have decreased.

Steps 2

I descended to the riverside via the sturdy stone stairs.

Steps 3

The unnaturally magnificent structures are a legacy of the New Deal policies mentioned in the article for the Sunbeam.

Reference:Sunbeam Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho

Depression and hot springs. Some hot springs have a history of being developed to overcome unemployment after the Great Depression. Westside pools Driving along the Salmon River on Idaho State Route 75, you won't miss Sunbeam Hot Springs. This is because you can clearly see the rising steam. There is ...

Steps 1

Built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) under President Franklin Roosevelt, it provided jobs and income to the unemployed after the Great Depression.

White Stream 3

Although WPA is often criticized as a waste of federal funds on non-essential public works, I would like to emphasize the fact that "non-essential" hot springs are maintained in this way and contribute a little to the enrichment of people's minds.

Good for soaking?

The Bighorn River 2

Comparing the stairs and the spring again, I felt that the spring was so small that it was hard to tell which was the main feature.

White Stream 1

The stream of hot water flowing out under the cliffs looked just like an irrigation channel.

However, if you observe it closely, you would notice the characteristic sulfur deposits attached.

Water temp

It had strong sulfur smell.

White Stream 2

The stream immediately splits in two and ends up flowing down into the river.

Can we soak in in it?


It doesn't actually say it's good or bad.

You'll know it when you see it.
No, I don't get it.
Soaking Pool

I did not see anyone coming, and changed into swimsuit.

Riverside 2

The water flowing down from the slope with poor footing was so hot.

The Bighorn River quickly deepened and was not so clean due to a dam upstream.

Riverside 3

There were very few spots where I could dip in the right temperature, but Thermopolis was still fun.


White Sulphur Springs, Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 122 degrees F

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