Hellie's Tepee Pools (Thermopolis) - Hot Springs in Wyoming


I like to do nothing special all day except soak and lie down.

It must be even better if there is a good thermal water.

There is a place in Wyoming for such people.

Old-fashioned spa resort

Exterior 1

There are three walk-in spa facilities in Hot Springs Park, Wyoming.

In the United States, where environmental administration is strictly enforced, it might be unthinkable for a private facility to draw geothermal water and operate in a public park.

Exterior 2

These facilities, which are the product of vested interests, are also facing an existential crisis as the park is redeveloped.

Around Water Outlet

Hellie's Tepee was aging, with a distinctive domed roof.

I liked its old-fashioned atmosphere.

Teplee-like ceiling

Under the domed roof was large indoor swimming pools.

Inside Water Slide

A water slide was installed and appeared to be suitable for children, but it seemed that the water was not disinfected with chlorine.

Water Outlet

The water temp in the largest pool was 95 degrees F.

The section in the foreground was kept at about 104 degrees F.

Indoor Pool

All of the thermal waters used at the facilities in Hot Springs State Park are the same, but look different due to a combination of added water and oxidation.

If water is added, the water becomes nearly clear, and if time has passed since the gush, the bluish-white color becomes darker.

Indoor Hot Tub

Steam bath and outdoor pools

What I liked most was the steam bath.

The hot spring water was sprayed upward into the room, filling it with a strong sulfur smell that was intoxicating.

Steam Room & Sauna
Is this safe?
I don't care.

The room was comfortable at about 113 degrees F, and I forgot the passage of time as I gazed at the fountainhead popping out of the water outlet, which was covered with a thick layer of precipitation.

I might have just passed out from the hot spring gases.

Outside Water Slide

The water temp of the outdoor pool was about 94 degrees F.

It was considerably watered and had little hot spring-like qualities.

Outdoor Pool

Beside it, there were hot tubs set up in a staircase.

The water was free-flowing and the temperature was about 106 degrees F.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Admission to the neighboring State Park Bathhouse is free, but soaking time is limited to 20 minutes, making it difficult to relax.

ReferenceHot Springs State Park Bath House (Thermopolis) - Hot Springs in Wyoming

In Yellowstone National Park, it impossible to find a spa facility where uses the mineral water. However, in a nearby town, there is a publicly owned bathhouse at no fee. Hot Springs State Park It is two and a half hours' drive from one of the most popular national parks, ...

With Hellies's Tepee, you can laze around all day soaking or enjoying the steam bath for $15.50 (as of this writing).


Hellie's Tepee Pools, Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chlorination: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 106 degrees F

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