Star Plunge (Thermopolis) - Hot Springs in Wyoming


A kind of landmark in Thermopolis.

The hot springs at the commercialism facility, which is hard to believe that it is located in a state park, were the real deal.

Vapor Cave is a must!

Private facility that exists within Hot Springs State Park due to its historical background.

Entrance 01

It is similar to another private walk-in facility, Hellie's Tepee Pool, but has a slightly different character.

ReferenceHellie's Tepee Pools (Thermopolis) - Hot Springs in Wyoming

I like to do nothing special all day except soak and lie down. It must be even better if there is a good thermal water. There is a place in Wyoming for such people. Old-fashioned spa resort There are three ...

Super Star 500 01

Star Plunge is more for tourists.

There is also a giant waterslide called Super Star 500 (available only from Memorial Day to Labor Day, not available during my visit).

Front Desk 01

The interior had a retro atmosphere, as it has been in business since 1900, but it was very busy.

Video arcade games 01

Nostalgic arcade game machines were lined up near the reception area.

Changing Room 02

Clothing is required in the pool area.

There were lockers in the men's and women's changing rooms.

Changing Room 03

When I stepped into the pool area, I was almost pushed over by the violent sulfur smell.

It was a beautiful turquoise blue, the famous hot water of Thermopolis.

Indoor Pool 01

In the foreground on the right was a shallow pool for kids.

On the left was a U-shaped jet bath.

Indoor Water Slides 02

Lobster pool next to the large indoor pool.

The water temp was about 104 degrees F, not too hot, but the water with many ingredients warmed me well.

Lobster Pool 01

The waterslide was housed in a not so spacious room.

Indoor Water Slides 01

It is one of three sliders in total.

Indoor Pool 02

The walls in this area showed the long history of the facility.

Vapor Cave 01

Vapor Cave is an attraction with a fountain of thermal water in the center of a room, which is a natural steam bath.

Vapor Cave 02
It's kind of grotesque.
That's good.

It was a man-made cave, but it had reached a state of the art like Antoni Gaudí's architecture, probably due to its collapse caused by the content of the thermal water.

Vapor Cave 03

This is a must-see spot where you can enjoy the volcanic odor until you are dizzy.

Amazing water that cannot be underestimated

Outdoor Pool 02

Outdoors, there was an even larger pool.

Even in a place like this, I could not feel the chlorine disinfection.

Outdoor Pool 01

There was a small hill at the north end of the poolside where the smallest water slide was located.

Outdoor Water Slides 01

Even the pool for entry to the slider looked like it was using geothermal water.

How much hot water can be produced?

Outdoor Water Slides 02

There was a hot tub around the exit of the slider, with air bubbles constantly being fed into it.

Outdoor Lobster Pool 02

The water temp at the water outlet was 122 degrees F

If you were to underestimate it as a commercial facility for tourists, you would be surprised to find the real water here.

Outdoor Lobster Pool 01


Star Plunge, Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 122 degrees F

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