South Dakota

Evans Plunge Mineral Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.


I visited South Dakota, relying only on the city's name, Hot Springs, which are scattered all over the United States.

It is the State with the rocky mountain on which the faces of presidents have been carved.

Fun Place to Walk around

Mount Rushmore, where the huge faces of four presidents are carved into the rocky mountain.

Mount Rushmore

This tourist attraction, which everyone has seen, is located on the area of a particularly severe struggle between whites and American Indians, or dare I say it, ethnic cleansing.

Fall River 2

Hot Springs is located at the southern end of Black Hills, which includes Mount Rushmore, a sacred site for the indigenous people.

The hot springs enjoyed by the Indians became a popular tourist resource for whites as early as the late 19th century.

Fall River 1

On winter mornings, as you can see, the entire river of hot water flowing through the old city is filled with fantastic steam.

It is a city so full of charm that it is hard to believe that today it is a little bit desolate.

Kidney Springs 1

You can also visit Kidney Springs Park.

There is a drinking fountain underneath a historic gazebo.

Kidney Springs 2

Drinking hot spring water is an important aspect of the time when a hot spring was part of the medical practice.

Hot Springs Waterfall

A beautiful rainbow of warm waterfalls was forming at the southern end of the park.

Warm Water Straight out of Ground


No one would doubt that Evens Plunge is the landmark of the city.

Although it has been rebuilt, it has been in operation since the establishment in 1890.

Entrance 1

The reception desk had a high ceiling.

Entrance 2

There was a souvenir shop on the left as I entered.


The second floor was equipped with a fitness gym.


It seemed to have great significance as a health center for the community.


Head to the changing rooms, passing by panels explaining the history of Evans Plunge.

Changing Room

Clothing is required; valuables can be left in the coin-operated lockers.

Large Pool 2

No matter how you look at it, it's an indoor pool.

There was also a small room with hot tubs called HEALTH CLUB, but it was under construction.

Health Club

A view of the huge structure from the top of the water slide.

Large Pool 1

At the north end, there was a small pool for families.

Family Pool

The southern end was the deepest, and even adults could not reach the bottom.


What's significant about this pool, as some of you may have noticed, is that the entire bottom is covered with gravel. It's just a spring that gushes out of its own accord and has a roof over it.

It's just a spring that gushes straight out of the ground and has a roof over it.


Because of the enormous amount of water that comes out of the pool, the entire pool can be naturally replaced in an hour and a half.

Due to this, chlorination is minimal and I actually didn't detect it.

Large Pool 3

The water temperature was 88 degrees F, which was a little chilly when I went up.

Outdoor Pool 1

The door leading to the outdoor pool was closed.

Outdoor Pool 2

However, this one didn't seem to be interesting for hot springers.

A Must-see for Maniacs

Warm water is dumped behind the parking lot.

Hidden Pool 1

Drainage from a large hole drilled in the concrete slope recorded a temperature of 84 degrees F.

This is a must-see for enthusiasts.
I'm the one who found it.

Hidden Pool 2

It seemed that someone had set up a rock bath that overhangs the Fall River.

The amount of warm water is tremendous and worth to see.

Hidden Pool 3


Evan Plunge Mineral Springs, Hot Springs, South Dakota, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 88 degrees F

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