Trail Creek (Samuel's) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho

The smooth rock surface makes for a clean and comfortable rock pool that is hard to believe it is a wild hot spring.

There were three main soaking areas.

Lower Pool

Access to Trail Creek Hot Springs is not difficult except during the winter months when it snows.

Therefore, it can be crowded with many visitors.

Parking Lot 01

From the Boise area, head north on State Route 55 and turn right at Cascade.

After entering Warm Lake Rd. it is about a 30 minute drive.

Slope 01

There is no signage, but it will be easy to find as there is a large parking space on the side of the road.

Steps 01

Hike from the parking lot to Trail Creek, where there are hot springs.

Lower Pool 03

Although the distance is short, it is a steep slope of slippery sand, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

At the time of my visit, there were three main pools to soak.

Lower Pool 01

All of them are on the opposite bank of the parking lot and require crossing the river.

However, the river is narrow and there are simple bridges, so this will not be a problem.

Lower Pool 02

The rock pool downstream was pristine.

Although it was the widest, it was too shallow and too tepid to soak due to the inflow of river water.

Central Pool and Source

Middle Pool 05

The central pool features a waterfall of geothermal water cascading over the rocks.

Middle Pool 04

The pool was solid and deep with rocks and mortar.

Middle Pool 03

The inflow of river water was controlled by a valve.

Middle Pool 02

The waterfall, colored with dark green hot spring algae, was beautiful.

Middle Pool 01

The sources were just up the rock face.

Source 01

Hot water of 122 degrees F was spewing itself under the rocks in the bushes.

Water Temp 01

Multiple sources were connected to the trench along the fault plane.

It springs up on a fault line.
Typical hot spring structure.
Source 02

The flow of hot water, which gradually increased in volume, poured down the ditch into the river.

Upper Pool

Bridge 01

The upstream rock pool was the smallest, but I liked it best.

Upper Pool 06

The structure was solid rock and mortar and seemed sturdy enough to withstand a few flash floods.

Upper Pool 05

The smooth rock surface continued from the top of the slope to the inside of the pool.

Upper Pool 04

The hot water was distributed through a long, narrow pipe leading to the ditch mentioned earlier.

Upper Pool 01

There was no accumulation of mud, and it appeared so clean that it was hard to believe that it was a wild hot spring.

Upper Pool 02

The water temp inside the pool was 113 degrees F.

There was a valve at the bottom of the pool to draw in river water, which adjusts the temperature well.

Valve 01

I enjoyed the clear, tasteless, odorless water to my heart's content in the comfortable rock pools.

Soaking 01


Trail Creek (Samuel's) Hot Springs, Cascade, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chlorination: No

Water temp: Up to 122 degrees F

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