Maple Grove Hot Springs & Retreat Center - Hot Springs in Idaho


A quiet, off-grid hot springs resort that you would not expect to find within a day trip of Salt Lake City.

A wide variety of lodging options are also attractive.

Riverside pools

Located on the southeastern edge of Idaho, it is about a 2.5-hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Entrance 01

Entering Maple Grove Hot Springs Rd on a dirt road via State Highway 34 is a route that can be taken by normal vehicles.

Google Maps may show other routes, but they are muddy and not recommended.

River House Reception & General Store 01

Its history as a hot spring resort dates back to 1913 when the Hopkins family settled on Native American (Shoshone) land.

River House Reception & General Store 04

Since then, the property has changed owners several times, prospering and falling into disrepair.

River House Reception & General Store 02

The current management has been in place since 2019.

The concept of limiting the number of people available at a time and providing a place to escape the stresses of everyday life seems to be working well.

River House Reception & General Store 03

Walk-in is also available, but must be reserved in advance.

You can book slots online three times a day for three hours each time.

Guests Only 01

The recreational pool located right next to the reception desk had a lukewarm water temperature of about 97 degrees F.

Therapeutic Pool 01

It was divided into two large sections, but the pool on the riverside was not available.

Therapeutic Pool 02

A yoga session had quietly begun by the poolside.

Stone Pools 03

A short distance away were three stone circular pools.

Cedar Yurt 01

Each pool was large and could fit about eight soakers, but since they limit the number of visitors to the entire facility, it was practically like a private pool.

Soaking 02

There was no particular odor in the water, but it had a yellowish color.

Stone Pools 02

The temperature in the pool was maintained at an appropriate level of about 106 degrees F.

Stone Pools 01

Several of the lodging options were seen in the surrounding area.

This is a type of glamping called Canvas.

Canvas 01

Besides that, there were yurts, cabins, and campsites.

Soaking 01

Overnight guests have 24-hour access to the pools.

Powerful geothermal activity

The Source 02

While walking through the grounds with beautiful autumn leaves, I found the source.

"Pine" The Cabin 01

I recognized it immediately because steam was rising aggressively behind the cabin.

The Source 01

Off-limits due to high temperatures exceeding 180 degrees F at the gushing points.

Water Temp 01

Overflow from the source pond was recorded at 127 degrees F.

The Waterfall Amphitheatre 01

Most of the hot water was not used for soaking and was dumped into the Bear River through a channel by the square.

What a waste!
I guess that's the balance they need.
The Waterfall Amphitheatre 02


Maple Grove Hot Springs & Retreat Center, Thatcher, Idaho, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 180 degrees F

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