Fire Crew Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho


A little-known wild spring in Idaho.

Adjacent to a primitive campground.

Go for the campsite

The Middle Fork Payette and South Fork Payette Rivers meet at Crouch, Idaho.

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While there is a concentration of hot springs along the South Fork, including some well-known ones, there are also a number of lesser-known hot springs along the Middle Fork.

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Fire Crew Hot Springs is one of them.

Since you can't find it on Google Maps, go to Trail Creek Campground instead.

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This primitive campground is managed by the Forest Service and is usually open from May to September.

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This fee-based campground consists of 11 campsites.

The only facility is a vault toilet.

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For firefighters

The hot springs are located adjacent to Trail Creek Campground but were difficult to find.

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Specifically, it was located on the north side of the campground, down a steep hill that branched off Middle Fork Road at a sharp angle and hit the river.

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This was the part of the Middle Fork Payette River where it curves.

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It was a little difficult to find it because of the thick undergrowth and lack of any particular landmarks.

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Not much is known about the Fire Crew Hot Springs.

It is said that this was named after firefighters who sometimes use the hot springs to relieve their fatigue after extinguishing wildfires and training.

Wouldn't it be easier to call it "Trail Creek" Hot Springs?
There's another hot spring with that name.
Source 02

The sources were concentrated in one place at the edge of the riverbank.

Stream 01

The surrounding area had been eroded by flash floods, exposing the strata.

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The water was clear, colorless, tasteless, and odorless at 144 degrees F.

Rock Pools 05

It was flowing toward the river, turning the stream channel golden.

Rock Pools 01

There were several rock pools that had been prepared by volunteers.

Soaking 01

Because there was little difference in elevation from the river surface, most of the pools had a large amount of river water mixed in.

Rock Pools 03

This made the water lukewarm, suitable for firefighters to dip in after their grueling firefighting activities.

Rock Pools 02


Fire Crew Hot Springs, Boise National Forest, Idaho, U.S.

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Type: Undeveloped, Lodging (Campground)

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 144 degrees F

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