Riverside Hot Springs Inn & Spa (Lava Hot Springs) - Hot Springs in Idaho

One of the historic hot springs hotels in Lava Hot Springs.

There were three private soaking pools that could be freely used on a reserved basis.

Which is the front?

It was the most elegant and old-fashioned of the several old buildings that dotted the spa town.

Panoramic View 01

Riverside Hot Springs was located one street back from the main street where The Home Hotel is located.

ReferenceThe Home Hotel (Lava Hot Springs) - Hot Springs in Idaho

A spa spring town in Idaho, a two-hour drive from Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah. I had the signature water of Lava Hot Springs in a guest room with a hot tub. The town itself is the water ...

Riverside 01

Built-in 1914, the building, as its name suggests, was adjacent to the Portneuf River.

Riverside 02

As you can see from the old photos, the riverside was once the entrance of the building, and it was gorgeous.

Enrrance 01

Today, the riverside path is no longer used and the entrance, reminiscent of a kitchen door, was on the Main Street side.

The first floor was a restaurant, which I did not use but seemed to have a good reputation.

Reception 01

From there, I took the stairs to the second floor, where I found the front desk.

The wide door seen at the back was probably the former main entrance.

Restaurant 01

There was a café space next to the front desk, which was also used as a breakfast room.

Stairs 01

I went to the third floor with the huge hunting trophy by my side.

Drawing Room 01

Found a reception room in the third-floor hallway.

What a luxurious space.
It's as if time has stood still.
Bedroom 01

Three different-sized private pools

The hot springs were reserved for 30 minutes at a time and were available by writing your name in the ledger at the front desk.

The fee for the use of the private pools was included in the room rate.

Corridor 01

Middle pool

The three bathrooms had all indoor pools but of different construction.

Steps 01

The entrance here was narrow and through a gap in a pillar.

Middle Tub 01

Although there was a small window, it was a closed space with little outside light.

Windows 01

One step up was a two-person-sized tub.

Middle Tub 02

The temperature of the water gurgling out of the outlet was 118 degrees F.

Water Temp 01

Since the geothermal water in this area is quite hot, the temperature might have been adjusted by adding water.

Small pool

Small Tub 01

This tub was the smallest, almost one-person size.

Small Tub 02

It may have been appropriate to take the time to face the tasteless, odorless water that is common at Lava Hot Springs

Large pool

Large Tub 03

The pool in the back room was the largest and could accommodate six people.

Large Tub 01

A pipe extended downward from the wooden box, and the water outlet was below the surface of the water.

Water Outlet 01

It's wonderful to enjoy historically valuable hot springs at your disposal.

Large Tub 02


Riverside Hot Springs Inn & Spa, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Private pool

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 118 degrees F

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