Haven Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho

This is a gas station with hot springs.

When I stayed at the motel, I had a private outdoor tub with the room.

All rooms have thermal water

Haven Hot Springs is located in the mountains within walking distance to Kirkham Hot Springs, one of Idaho's most famous wild springs.

Gas Station 01

A gas station was attached to the building and was well visible.

It seemed to be a valuable refueling location in the neighborhood.

Store 01

Cafes, restaurants, and stores were also available.

There was also a campground, RV park, and glamping.

Motel 03

A short distance away, there was a small motel with a total of four rooms.

Motel 04

The warmth of wood could be felt on the exterior.

Motel 02

The room was small but functional with a refrigerator and microwave attached.

Room #2 01

From an odd spot in the restroom, I was able to exit onto the private patio.

Room #2 05

All rooms had patios of approximately the same size.

Motel 01

Here, there was a private pool with thermal water drawn from natural hot springs.

This is inexpensive at $150.00 per night (tax not included).
Idaho prices.

Room #2 03

Room 2, where I stayed, had an octagonal tub.

It was small enough to just barely fit two people.

Room #2 04

Tiles were attached to the inside of the tub.

Handmade and delicate pattern.

Soaking 01

The water temp at the outlet was hot 129 degrees F.

There was a water hose to add water, but I did not use it.

Water Temp 01

In the first place, the amount of new water was small considerably, so a little stirring brought the tub to the right temperature.

It was very satisfying to be able to enjoy the tasteless and odorless water in a private space.

Room #2 02

Room 1 next door had a two-person rectangular tub.

Room #1 01

Room 3 had a one-person rectangular tub.

Room #3 01

The same was true for Room 4.

Room #4 01

Too big private pool

There was a hot spring pool along the mountainside of the facility.

This historic pool, built in 1951, was available for private use.

Pathway to the Large Pool 01

$10.00 per person for one hour.

It was a huge pool, 30 feet wide and 75 feet long.

Large Pool 02

I thought it was interesting that they dared to rent out such a large pool instead of shared it.

The interior was divided into two sections.

Large Pool 01

There was a hot water outlet on the small side of the changing room side, and the water temp was 104 degrees F.

The temperature on the large side was a lukewarm 97 degrees F.

Large Pool 03

Not only was the motel in an ideal location as a base for visiting Kirkham Hot Springs and other nearby natural hot springs, but it was also a highly satisfying place to stay and soak in its geothermal water.


Haven Hot Springs, Lowman, Idaho, U.S.


  • Type
    Lodging / Walk-in
  • Rule
    Room with thermal water / Private pool
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water temp
    Up to 129 degrees F

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