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Luxury spa as the centerpiece of the real estate development.

It offered characteristic hot water with a surprisingly strong sulfur smell.

Owned by real estate company

Paso Robles, famous for its many wineries, was already known as California's oldest watering place in 1795.

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It appears to have been soaked by the indigenous Salinan people long before it flourished as a place along El Camino Real during the Spanish colonial period.

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River Oaks Hot Springs is a 7 minute drive northeast from downtown where the Paso Robles Inn is located.

ReferencePaso Robles Inn - California

If you are interested in an elegant holiday, what about a winery tour in California? People can enjoy even a dip in a hot tub at Paso Robles. California wine If you regard California State as a nation, it would ...

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Located across the Salinas River, the area was marked by a golf course and a new residential area under construction.

Historic streets were not here.

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The hot spring wells at the Paso Robles Inn have been sealed off due to the strong odor of the water.

That's why its official website says, "For those looking for a sulfur spa tub experience in Paso Robles, please visit River Oaks Hot Springs."

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River Oaks Hot Springs is the only remaining modern soaking facility in Paso Robles.

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It specializes in walk-in, offering not only soaking but also massage and therapy packages.

There were also interesting packages such as wine tasting in a private pool.

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Advance reservation by phone is required.

Inside the luxurious indoor space, a land use plan map of the surrounding area was posted.

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In fact, River Oak Hot Springs is owned by a real estate company called Estrella Associates, Inc. and the golf course and residential areas we just saw are part of it.

A spa with natural hot springs is the centerpiece of the real estate development.

This is the place to live.
I wonder how much I'll need.

Vineyards all around

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Soaking spaces are available for private use, and there are also semi-open-air tubs.

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River Oaks Hot Springs Spa

This time I decided to use one of the private outdoor tubs.

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The five pools were scattered throughout the garden facing the vineyard, each surrounded by a blind fence.

Outdoor Tub 01

Upon arrival, the Jacuzzi was in operation in the ready-made tub.

Showers are not available here and can be done in advance.

Outdoor Tub 03

I turned off the Jacuzzi with a switch on the wall and observe the original state of the water.

One of the two valves allowed the thermal water to flow constantly.

The water was characteristic of a grayish, murky appearance.

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There was a sulfur smell with a faint oily odor.

The water temp at the water outlet was 115 degrees F.

Water Temp 01

The water was slippery and tactile, and it was clear that the quality of the water was good.

Outdoor Tub 02

And this panorama.

Soaking with a view of vineyards stretching to the horizon was a unique experience.

Vineyard 01

It was too surprising to find such a modern and commercial facility where one can enjoy the famous hot water of historic Paso Robles.

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River Oaks Hot Springs Spa, Paso Robles, California, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in

Rule: Private pool

Chemical: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 115 degrees F

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