Miracle Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho


Beautiful hot spring pools that feel a bit like a resort.

The number of private pools is noteworthy.

Retreat for adults

Miracle Hot Springs is only a five-minute drive from Banbury Hot Springs, which has been closed indefinitely due to aging.

ReferenceBanbury Hot Springs [CLOSED] - Hot Springs in Idaho

Hot spring pool located along the Snake River, downstream from Shoshone Falls. The private pools with plenty of hot water were nice. Shoshone Falls Shoshone Falls is also known as the "Niagara of the West. It boasts a drop of ...

Road 01

Although the management is the same, I felt that the direction was reversed, with Banbury catering to families and Miracle to adults.

Entrance 01

It was founded in 1960, which means that Miracle is a younger facility.

Hot Well 01

Family owned and operated for generations, the second generation, Larry Dean Olsen, in addition to running the family spa business, is a well-known author of the long-selling book "Outdoor Survival Skills."

Yurts 01

Campgrounds are available, but for overnight stays, glamping domes are mainly rented.

There were four domes with a modern atmosphere.

Entrance 02

They actively accepted walk-ins.

Hot Pools 01

Admission at the time of my visit was $14.00 for adults ($16.00 on Friday and Saturday).

Changing Room 01

It was a rare and strict requirement to be considered an adult from the age of three.

Hot Pools 03

My guess is that it is oriented toward an adult retreat, not a children's playground.

Corridor 01

Surrounded on three sides by Southwestern-style adobe buildings, the main pool offered a bit of a resort atmosphere.

Hot Pools 02

The main pool was divided into four pools, each with different depth and temperature settings.

Terrace 02

The hottest 106 degrees F pool was covered by a terrace and looked like a cave.

Terrace 01

Sunbeds lined the terrace.

Water Outlets 01
Many water outlets!
Shows the high volume of thermal water.

The water was accompanied by a faint sulfur smell and was excellent to the touch.

Hot Pools 04

Lots of private pools

Surrounding the main pool were a number of private pools.

Rates starts as low as $5.00 per hour.

Changing Room 02

There are a total of 21 private pools, six of which are called VIP pools.

Private Pool 02

A woody changing room was provided in the private space.

Changing Room 03

The doors with smoked glass were somewhat Japanese in style.

Private Pool 01

The VIP pool tub was slightly larger and could accommodate about six soakers.

Water Temp 01

Hot water of 116 degrees F was poured from a hot water outlet with a hose, and the amount of water fed was adjustable.

Water Outlets 02

Surrounded by walls on all four sides but without a roof, it offered both privacy and a sense of openness, making it a romantic soaking experience.

Private Pool 03


Miracle Hot Springs, Buhl, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in, Lodging

Rule: Private pool, Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 116 degrees F

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