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So you've made it to Pagosa Springs, but don't have the money to stay at a hot springs hotel?

Don't worry!

There is the Hippie Dip Hot Spring where even penniless hippies can soak.

Ignorance is bliss

My regular lodging in Pagosa Springs is the blue-roofed motel, Healing Waters.

ReferenceHealing Waters Resort & Spa (Pagosa Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado

If you are planning a hot spring tour in the State of Colorado, don't miss it! This inn offers the world-famous thermal water at a reasonable price. Low-key hideaway Pagosa Springs, Colorado is a tourist destination with rich, white sulfur ...

Parking Lot

There was a free parking lot on the next block, facing the San Juan River.

Let's park the car and go down to the river.

Changing Room

Although simple, there was also a blindfold for changing into a swimming suit.

River View 1

I found a rock bath right next to the bridge on Hot Springs Boulevard that spans the river.

This was the Hippie Dip Hot Spring.

Flowing down from an old PVC pipe was genuine mineral springs water.

The water temp was around 104 degrees F.

It was located on a riverbank that would be submerged if the water rose, but there was almost no river water inside the pool surrounded by rocks.

Ditch 3

I observed the PVC pipe sticking out of a Hume pipe that was blocked by an iron gate.

It didn't look very clean.

Ditch 1
Is it sewage?
That's a bad thing to say.
Ditch 2

I could not figure out where the hot water was flowing from.

When seen from the opposite shore, steam can be seen near the right side of the pipe.

River View 2

There is a spring in the area that has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the deepest hot spring in the world, so I assumed that was the source, but it was unclear how it was flowing out.

Since it is a free hot spring, let's just enjoy it without thinking too much about it.

San Juan river walk

Under Terrace Pool 1

On the other side of the river, a promenade extended downstream.

Under Terrace Pool 2

There were several hot springs along this path, and the overflowing water flowed into the San Juan River.

Promenade 1

The water suddenly welled up on the bank and passed under the boardwalk.

Promenade 2

The water had formed a pool as it flowed down to the riverbank.

The beautifully bluish water looked distinctly more inviting than the Hippy Dip.

Milky White Pool 3

It was a little shallow for soaking but was free to use.

Find your favorite spots and lay your body down.

Milky White Pool 4

This is a good spring!

The hot water of 111 degrees F in which the precipitate in the form of erased scum is seen.

Water temp

On the other side of the river, I could see The Springs Resort & Spa, a rather pricey hot springs resort.

ReferenceThe Springs Resort & Spa (Pagosa Springs) - Hot Springs in Colorado

Of all the hot springs in Colorado, Pagosa Springs stands out from the rest. The water quality is out of this world. The world's deepest hot spring Pagosa is derived from "pah gosah," a Native American Ute word meaning water ...

Milky White Pool 1

It does not matter how many times you visit Pagosa Springs, you will never get tired of it because you can enjoy such great water in free hot springs.



(Nathan's) Hippy Dip Hot Spring, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 111 degrees F

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