Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Oregon


Hot mineral water with faint sulfur smell flows down along the series of rock walled pools.

Terwilliger is one of the most popular clothing optional natural hot springs in the State of Oregon.

Near hippie town

One of Eugene's many stereotypes is that they are a hippie town.

It is mostly true, and you will realize it when walking around the streets.


It is only a few hours drive from Eugene to many natural hot springs in the Cascade Range, which must be attractive as well to hippies.

Terwilliger is a day-use hot springs located in Willamette National Forest.

Parking Lot

It looks like rather an undeveloped one, regardless of the fee that you have to pay to rangers.

The parking lot is next to a dam lake, once passing over the trailhead.

Dam 01

There is a shack for rangers at the trailhead.


The opening hour is from dawn to dusk.

It cost $6.00 per person (cash only; as of this writing).

Pay Here

If no one is here, put money in envelopes.

Terwilliger is so popular place, so that it usually crowds on weekends.


If you like to keep the social distance, it is recommended to start walking from sunrise.

Dam 2

The trail is only 0.4 mile for one-way and really easy.


Wildfire often happens in this area, so check the status before you head to the hot springs.

Step-like hot pools

Rest Rooms

Two rest rooms are at the end of the trail.

Hot springs is at the bottom of the hill.

Covered Shelf Area 1

A changing area is roofed like this.

You will leave clothes and stuffs here; it is easy to see from soaking pools.

Covered Shelf Area 2

Clothing is optional.

It is not so a surprise in West Coast, but apparently much more people chose being naked.

Covered Shelf Area 3

This might be because it was near the hippie town.

You know very well about nudist resorts.
Steps 1

The stream is divided into six; each pool is fed by hot mineral water.

Overview 2

Another wood deck is in the downstream.

Steps 2

The source of the spring is only at the top pool.

The water is at source was around 117 degrees F.

Water Outlet

It was too hot to soak around the water outlet.

The water quality is fabulous, with faint smell of sulfur.

Upper Pool 1

Around the white bucket, cold spring water is flowing.

Cold Spring

It is an excellent idea to alternately soak in hot and cold water.

Overview 3

The temperature of the hot water gradually goes down, as it goes to lower pools.

Lower Pool 1

This is truly a gem, especially when there are few people.

Lower Pool 2


Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs, Willamette National Forest, Oregon, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped (fee required)

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 117 degrees F

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