Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort - Hot Springs in Colorado


Do not expect too much of such a beautiful hotel, if you are a kind of hot spring enthusiast.

Water in the pool was chlorinated.

Only Creekside Hot Springs was fabulous to me.

Luxury atmosphere

Although it looks new, the origin of Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort started the business in 1879.

Front Desk 1

It experienced a business failure, had been a school for a while, and finally was renovated as a modern hotel.

Front Desk 2

The hotel is surrounded by San Isabel National Forest.

Next to the main lodge, Princeton Market is here for picking up just a few items.

Princeton Market

There are no guest rooms with thermal water, so that I chose the cheapest one, Hillside Rooms.


This is the view from the Hillside Rooms in the direction of the main lodge.

I needed a car for moving around.

Snowy Day

Family relaxation pool

In general, there are two different areas for soaking.

First, it is located on a hillside.

Water Slide 1

The pool was constructed in the 1960s; and the 400-foot water slide was added in the 1980s.

Water Slide 2

In 2019, the brand new Family Relaxation Pool opened right beside them.

Infinity Pool 1

It looked a modern infinity pool.

However, the water was heavily chlorinated and was not attractive to me.

Infinity Pool 2

Historic bath house

I got back to the main lodge.


I took this picture in summer, which looked down the second area for soaking in the riverside.

Weird temporal sequence…
Due to the thorough coverage.
Bathhouse Entrance

The entrance is somehow small.

Changing rooms and shower rooms are in the historic building established in 1867.

Historic Bathhouse 1

There are two pools with different water temp.

Historic Bathhouse 2

Unfortunately, there are chlorinated as well.

For overnight and spa guests only


The area on the opposite side of the Chalk Creek is for overnight and spa guests only.

Spa & Club 2

It becomes luxury atmosphere.

Spa & Club 1

On the left side, there are three Japanese style pools surrounded by rocks.

It snowed a lot and looked really nice; however, the water was heavily chlorinated again.

Cascading Hot Springs

On the right side, there are Relaxation Pools.

Relaxation Pool 2

I would say nothing on the water condition anymore.

Relaxation Pool 1

Creekside hot springs

hot spring enthusiasts, do not disappoint.

Creekside Hot Springs 2

Let’s go back to the Historic Bath House and look at the concrete bank protection.

Wow, it steams!

Creekside Hot Springs 1

140 degrees F water gushed straight out of the ground of the Chalk Creek.

Creek 3

By placing rocks, you can create your own natural hot pool.

Soaking 01

The clear and odorless thermal water has to be cooled by adding the river water.

Creek 2

Finally, I found the enchantment of the Mount Princeton.


Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Nathrop, Colorado, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging, Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No (riverbed), Yes (other)

Water temp: Up to 140 degrees F

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